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Advantages and operation methods of log cutting saw

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log cutting saw

Advantage 1: The log-cut wood saw can directly cut the wood to the length of the log debarker machine and the veneer peeling machine for the next processing. The log-cut wood saw is also accurate due to the saw blade being sawed by the relative fixed sawing between the shafts, while the traditional artificial sawing wood is inefficient and the sawing wood has different corners, which is easy to waste the corner wood and increase the industrial cost.

Advantage 2: When the log cutting saw is working, only one person needs to operate. Slowly let the wood be sequentially transported by the tooth hook chain to the saw blade for cutting, which reduces the labor cost. The original old way of cutting wood needs 2 to 3 people work, time and effort.

Advantage 3: Improve the working environment. The original sawing work was all about flying wood chips. The saw blade part of the sawmill is designed with a clad plate to reduce the flying phenomenon of the wood slag, and also makes the worker away from the saw blade operation and improves the safety factor. The log-wood saw is a good helper for material processing.

Automatic wood cutting saw machine, broken wood saw, use method: the common tooth shape of the log wood saw has left and right teeth (replacement teeth) flat teeth, flat teeth (concave teeth) inverted trapezoidal teeth (camb teeth) and rare The industrial grades are three left and one right, left and right flat teeth, etc. The left and right teeth are widely used. The cutting machine of the log wood cutting machine has a fast cutting speed and is relatively simple to grind, and is suitable for various round logs, square woods, hard woods and the like. Under normal working conditions, the sound of the wood chipper is rhythmic and stable, and no noise is generated. If there is harsh noise and unharmonious noise, it means that there are some problems in the equipment. At this moment, you should stop the machine and check it out before you can continue to use it. Proper use of the machine and regular maintenance can prolong the machine's use time.




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