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Automatic veneer stacker machine motor upkeep

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veneer stacker

The automatic veneer stacker machine is one of the equipment we often use in plywood production. What do operators need to pay attention to in daily use? Now let's take a closer look at this knowledge.

veneer stacker

The motor of the automatic veneer stacker machine is very important. When using the product, some problems must be paid attention to. In summer, civil power consumption such as air-conditioning fans becomes high, which is prone to voltage shortages. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the processing parameters and use the electric energy reasonably. Because the power of the motor is large or small, it must be properly matched in production Power equipment to ensure that the mechanical power consumption in a unit of time remains relatively flat.

When we use the automatic veneer stacker machine, we need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the transformer of the head motor. Do not enter the motor with water. Once the water enters, the insulation of the motor will be damaged and the equipment will not run. The second is the care and maintenance of the chain. The chain needs more observation, often adding butter and lubricating oil. Because the chain works for a long time, the lubricating liquid will evaporate, which will cause the noise to increase.

In addition, the equipment wiring should be checked regularly, and old or broken wires should be replaced in time to ensure the electrical energy requirements of the motor in use.

After the automatic veneer stacker machine was used for the first quarter, all the excess oil in the gearbox needs to be drained out, and then a bath of the gearbox with gasoline, diesel, etc. was added, and then new lubricant was added to the middle of the observation window. Just fine.

In order to ensure the quality of the automatic veneer stacker machine, regular maintenance is needed in daily life. This can effectively extend the life of the product and ensure the quality of the product.




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