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Automatic veneer stacker maintenance and maintenance

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      Smooth operation of the automatic veneer stacker machine requires lubrication of the lubricating oil, especially the spindle lubrication of the equipment, in order to reduce wear, ensure operating temperature and expand the machine. When shutting down the machine at low speeds, it should be lubricated with grease or oil circulation; when mechanical rotation is turned off, oil mist should be used to ensure machine flexibility. The lubricant should not be added too slowly or the spindle may heat up.

      Before using the equipment, you must check the condition of the oil tank on the main shaft and ensure that the fuel supply is sufficient for the normal operation of the machine. If the amount of oil in the high-speed shut-off device is insufficient, it must be added in time, otherwise, it will increase the wear of the machine. It is important to add lubricant to the spindle. The use of the self-closing device is widely used in the production of metal plates, which can effectively improve the production efficiency and application effect of the metal plates. Especially for metal plate receiver applications, the rack needs to be maintained.

      When using the veneer stacker, check the appearance of the machine before starting the machine to see if the machine is damaged or abnormal. For parts of non-powered material racks, the spindle bearing grease must be replenished once a month and the gear oil must be replaced every six months. The lubricant is then replenished at halfway between the shaft and the rod. Also, the terminals of the electrical control box are prevented from loosening, to avoid burning of electrical equipment. No oil or water, please pay attention to the inspection of the bearing housing. If the self-closing device does not use the device for a long time, it is necessary to add butter to the spindle and spray anti-rust oil on other anti-rust components to avoid abnormality caused by long-term storage.

      In addition to the maintenance and maintenance of the veneer stacker machine, the plywood machine such as the log debarker machine and the veneer peeling machine needs regular maintenance during the use, to ensure the normal use of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.




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