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Business Travel – India

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At the beginning of July, we visited the old customers in India to understand the customer's use of the machine and collect the customer's use of the machine.


Enthusiastic Indian customers came to the airport to pick up the plane. On the way to the factory, we talked a lot and learned about the use of the log debarker and rotary cutting machine at the customer factory.


This is the machine used in the customer's factory. It has been used for many years. Although it looks a bit old, it has no quality problems and can also produce good core veneers


We went to many customers' factories this time. Through conversations with customers, we learned that customers are still very convinced of our machines. Very satisfied with the quality of the log debarker and the rotary cutting machine. In particular our four-feet veneer peeling machine, this model of four-feet veneer peeling machine can peel all kinds of hardwood and cork, the production speed can reach 120 m/min , the production efficiency is high, and the rate of wood loss  is very low, the quality of produced veneer are very good.

We communicated with the technicians at the customer's factory, answered questions of the small problems they encountered during use, and taught them how to maintain the machine, how to prolong the service time . If you choose a machine that our factory produces, don't worry about after-sales problems, our factory engineers will solve it for you, and will also train your factory workers.

In this trip, through the introduction of old customers, we also met some new friends, the process of communication is very happy. Thank you for your recognition of us. "From China, serving the world" is our goal, we will continue to work hard to produce better plywood veneer production equipment to achieve a win-win situation with customers.




  Mr. Abel
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