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CNC face veneer peeling production line for Maintenance

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-04      Origin: Site


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CNC face veneer peeling production line

In the production of plywood, the advent of CNC face veneer peeling machines has not only improved the quality and accuracy of the sheet, but also improved the efficiency of sheet production and the degree of automation of plywood production. In the process of producing plywood, you need to use plywood machines such as log feeding machine, log cutting saw, log debarker, plywood veneer peeling machine, and veneer stacker to complete the entire production process. The production line of numerical control face veneer peeling machine is divided into several links, the rotary cutting machine for rotary cutting veneer, the middle conveyor belt, and the intelligent control buttons. These are the links we can improve and improve.

Manufacturers of CNC face veneer peeling machine look at the details from multiple angles, and look at the coordination of multiple details. They will carefully study each production part of the integrated working system of the rotary cutting line, consider the overall work connection, and constantly break through in terms of technology. However, all plywood production machinery has good technology, and problems will occur without proper maintenance. As an important part of plywood machinery and equipment, the numerical control rotary cut dough production line should know how to maintain it. In the use of the CNC face veneer peeling production line, the matters needing attention, the CNC face veneer peeling machine manufacturer will introduce to you.

   1. Before starting all plywood production machines, carefully check the parts of each machine, all fasteners should be in a reliable locking state, and there is no blockage of rotating parts.

           2. The main drive of the rotary cutting machine adopts two motor linkage mechanisms, so the rotation direction of the motor should be paid attention to, and the wiring must be according to the steering requirements.

           3. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls in the rotary cutter should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions.

           4. No one is allowed to stand between the rollers of the rotary cutter.

           5. The lubricating parts of the rotary cutter should be regularly filled with lubricating oil. Except for the servo motor box, the other transmission boxes should be filled with grease.

           6. The size of each rotary cutter is marked on the data plate. Please adjust the height of the knife according to the size of the wood.

           Through the maintenance in daily use, the production quality of the CNC face veneer peeling machine production line is guaranteed.




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