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CNC veneer peeling machine advantages

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The CNC wood veneer peeling machine combines the rotary cutting machine and the cutting machine. When it is used, it does not need to transfer the rotary cutting plate to the cutting machine for rotary cutting, which improves the working efficiency. CNC veneer peeling machine adopts frequency conversion digital control, which can automatically adjust the slit, easy to operate, and the use of CNC rotary cutting machine has the following advantages:

     1.With digitally controlled system, high-strength wear-resistant alloy wire screw, stable rear axle drive and automatic adjustment of the seaming system, the machine's performance becomes better, and the rotary cutting and paneling are combined to improve the site. Utilization rate.

     2.The automatic adjustment of the seam system ensures the smoothness and uniformity of the sheet and the ability to process large diameter wood.

3. The functions of the rotary cutting machine and the cutting machine are effectively combined, and the process of manually cutting the plate to the cutting machine for cutting is eliminated after the traditional rotary cutting is completed, which saves cost and improves efficiency.

4. The machine adopts frequency conversion digital control technology, imported touch screen, automatic adjustment of knife gap, simple operation, small floor space, improved utilization of factory land, more stable machine, and can cut wood such as miscellaneous wood and eucalyptus.

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