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Classification of sanding machine

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sanding machine

Sanding machine is a kind of plywood machine, which uses abrasive belt, sandpaper or grinding wheel to process plywood. Many plywood manufacturers need to use plywood sanding machine, the role is to remove the plywood surface seam glue strips, rubber stains and burr grooves.

There are many types of sanding machine, according to the form of sand head, can be divided into roller sander and broadband sander.

The characteristics of the roller sanding machine are: 1. The sand cloth is wound on the cast iron roller, replacing the sand cloth is relatively more troublesome than the broadband sander; 2. Only one surface of the plywood can be sanded at a time; 3. Feed The speed is slow and the effective efficiency is relatively low; 4. The effect of sanding is not as good as the broadband sanding machine.

      The characteristics of the wide belt sanding machine are: 1. A closed-loop sand belt with a sand belt, which is sleeved on the sand roller, tension roller and axial tandem roller for easy replacement; 2. The sanding progress is high; 3. The feeding speed is fast , High production efficiency; 4. Large grinding capacity; 5. Long service life of abrasive belt.

According to the number of sanding surfaces and the belt layout, it can be divided into single-sided sanding machine and double-sided sanding machine.

The single sided sanding machine is divided into two types, one is the roller sanding machine, and the other is the single-sided single-belt sanding machine. The characteristics of the roller sander are that it is troublesome to replace the abrasive belt, the speed is slow and the production efficiency is low. Single-sided single-belt sanding machine, sand belt replacement is more convenient, but only one surface can be sanded at a time.

There are three types of double sided sanding machine: double-sided single-band broadband sanders, double-sided four-sand dual-band sanders, and double-sided three-sand belt broadband sanders.

The characteristic of the double-sided single-band broadband sander is that it can sand two surfaces at a time, the energy consumption is low, and the price is relatively cheap. However, the sanding accuracy and production efficiency are not as good as the multi-band broadband sander.

The double-sided four-sand double-band sanding machine has two sanding belts on the upper and lower sides, which can sand two surfaces at a time. The production accuracy, productivity and energy consumption are high.

Double-sided three-sand belt type broadband sanding machine, with one belt on the top, two belts on the bottom or two belts on the top, and one belt on the bottom, which can sand two surfaces at a time. The production accuracy and productivity are also relatively high. Energy consumption is relatively higher.

In the process of producing plywood, you can choose according to your own production needs.




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