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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer making machine

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veneer making machine

As a kind of equipment for processing wood, veneer making machine is very common in the production of plywood, but there will be some failures during the use of the machine. We understand the reasons and treatment methods for the failure of some veneer making machines.

       1. If the veneer making machine is powered on, the indicator light is on but the motor cannot be started. This may be caused by the lack of power phase or the virtual connection of the main control line. The solution is to repair the power and control lines and the total stop button.

       2. The thickness of the plate skin produced by the veneer making machine is uneven. Reasons: The knife is not fast, the knife is high or low, the slit of the knife is inconsistent with the feeding hanging wheel, and the wood has a yin and yang surface. Solution: Re-sharpen the knife, adjust the height of the knife according to the knife adjustment chart, adjust the knife seam and hanging wheel, and replace the wood.

       3. In the normal production process of the veneer making machine, if the automatic feeder sometimes feeds and sometimes stops. The reason may be the virtual connection of the feed circuit or the slip of the electromagnetic clutch, and the knife is too high. Solution: Check whether the feed line is connected in a virtual way; clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel oil, and adjust the knife height.

       4. The veneer produced by the veneer making machine is thick at the front and thin at the back. The reason may be that the knife of the veneer making machine is too low or the knife seam is too small. Please refer to the knife adjustment chart to adjust the knife height and knife seam.

       5. The phenomenon that the tool does not automatically retract when it hits the retract travel switch. Cause: The travel switch and the tool retract control circuit are open. Solution; replace the veneer making machine with a new travel switch maintenance line.

       6. If during automatic tool retraction, it hits the rear travel switch but does not stop, the total stop button will not work. Reason: The contact point of the retracting tool is not loosened when sintered. Solution: To regrind the contacts, replace with a new contactor.

       7. The peeled plate skin is not flat. Reasons: inconsistent knife seam, single roller bearing damage, inconsistent knife height, and knife not straight. Solution: Use a feeler gauge to measure the knife gap and adjust it to be consistent, check whether there is a gap in the single-roller bearing, replace the bearing if necessary, adjust the knife height to keep the same, and re-sharpen the knife.

      8. If the peeled sheet cannot be connected. Reasons: The knife of the veneer making machine is too high or too low, the gap between the knife and the feeding wheel is not well matched, and the yin and yang sides of the wood. Solution: Adjust the height of the knife, the slit and the feeding wheel, and replace it with new wood.

     The above points are the introduction of common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer making machines. For more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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