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Cutter grinder

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8 ft -2-裁切

Besides log debarker, veneer peeling machine, veneer stacker, automatic veneer peeling line and other plywood making machines, our factory also produces related accessory machines, such as cutter grinder. Cutter grinder is mainly used in professional large-scale processing plants, blade production plants, hardware parts factories, sheet factories. In the following, I will make a brief Introduction of our grinding machine today.

        1.High degree of automation, saving labor.

        2.The machine bed is made of double-layer steel plate and inner lining reinforcement. The bottom plate is welded with flat steel plate, which can fully guarantee the stability of the machine tool, the machine tool is not easy to deform, and it is more durable.

        3.The machine working grinding wheel is made of cast iron and is not easily deformed.

4.The travelling system of the machine adopts cycloidal pin gear speed reducer , which works with the motor of national standard to ensure travelling stability ,and greatly improve the grinding quality and operational efficiency .

5.High precision and fine grinding. The grinding head part of the machine tool adopts the quick lifting device, which makes the replacement of the grinding wheel more convenient and faster, improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor force. The inside of the thick screw and the copper-plated silk nut facilitate the adjustment of the axial gap of the screw. The head adopts international special grinding machine motor, which has reasonable design, improves the sharpening precision and prolongs the service life.

6.The worktable use the elector-magnetic chuck, very convenience to clamp knife. The worktable is easy to adjust the angle by worm gear. The electromagnetic chuck is excellent in duality ,durable and conforming to domestic standard ,which ensures less heat generation, great suction force and long service life.

7.The blade can rotate 0-90 degrees for electromagnetic absorption, and the grinding head is equipped with a centralized oil supply device

We have a lot of models about the cutter grinder. You tell us what you need, and we offer you the right choice. If you have other requirement, we can design it for you.

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