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Cutter grinder machine operation and maintenance method

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       When using the cutter grinder machine, the knife is placed on the knife table first, and the tool is preferably about 0.5-1.0MM. The top wire can be fine-tuned. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife adsorb on the knife table. Adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the angle of the blade. If there is contact between the blade and the grinding wheel, you can gently rotate the infeed handwheel to increase the interval. Turn on the power and press the power switch. At this time, the sharpener enters the working state; turn the cutter handwheel to advance the blade slowly and evenly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel, and adjust the tightness of the blade to the grinding wheel. position.


Knife grinder machine track plate parts should be lubricated frequently to keep it lubricated; check the machine after each work is completed; if the grinding wheel breaks and the gap can no longer be used, replace it with new ones.

There are many reasons for the problem with the knife grinder, but it is mainly caused by operational errors, so it is very important to master the correct and effective operation method. Do not use too much feed during operation. Always turn off the power when leaving the machine. When decommissioning, the rail plate parts should be lubricated and lubricated. After each use, the equipment should be cleaned in time, and the grinding wheel should be replaced in time.

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