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Daily inspection of the veneer stacker

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veneer stacker machine


veneer stacker machine



       The use of an automatic veneer stacker has a very high efficiency in the plywood veneer production line and plays a very important role in the processing of wood. However, if its inspection work is not done well before use, it may not work normally after the receiver is turned on or an abnormal problem occurs after working for a period of time, which may affect the efficiency of the receiver, so some routine Inspection is very necessary.

       The routine inspection of the automatic veneer stacker machine mainly includes: checking the motor, mechanical system, etc. to ensure that there is no abnormal noise; checking the lubrication of various parts of the machine tool; checking whether the protective cover and door and other safety protection devices are safe and working properly; If it does not meet the instructions, please adjust or replace it. The belt should be intact and not damaged.

       But pay attention when checking the tightness of the belt of the automatic veneer stacker machine, do not put your fingers between the belt and the pulley, it is easy to hurt your fingers; and before the spindle runs, you should tighten the chuck or chuck to prevent The chuck jaws flew out or the chucks flew out.

       What should we do when a fault occurs during the use of the high-speed veneer stacker?

       First of all, we need to understand the cause of related faults, and timely check and deal with them to ensure the normal operation of the veneer stacker  machine.

In the application of the veneer stacker machine , an overtravel alarm is sometimes displayed when the alarm fault occurs. This indicates that the veneer stacker machine has reached the limit during operation. It is necessary to check whether the designed graphic size exceeds the processing range and check the woodworking machinery and equipment motor Whether the connecting line between the shaft and the screw is loose. If so, tighten the screws. In addition, check whether the woodworking machinery and the computer are properly grounded, and whether the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

       The above are the places we should check when the alarm fault of the high-speed winder is generated, so as to ensure the normal operation of the winder and ensure the excellent use of the product.

       In addition to the daily inspection work, the operator of the veneer stacker machine is required to have a correct understanding of the machine.

       Some key circuits of the automatic  veneer stacker products must be understood by the operator, so that the application of the retractor can be controlled more accurately, including the upward, downward, board space selection, start, stop and other keys.

       Because there are not many buttons on the receiver, the circuit is mostly a method of directly connecting the buttons to the MCU's I / O port. The up and down keys are mainly used to manually control the motor to drive the turnover box bracket to travel along the lead screw. The up button is mainly used to control the rise of the turnover box bracket. Generally, when a new turnover box is enabled, it is used to determine its The starting and ending working positions are also used to set the starting and ending positions of the turnover box that is not full of PCB boards.

When the starting position and spacing of the automatic veneer stacker machine is set, press the start key, and the system will run automatically according to the program settings. The board space selection key is to set the space between the PCB boards in the turnover box. The default value is 1 grid. Each time you press the key, the space is increased by 1. The stop key is mostly used for motor stop control in emergency situations.

Understand these operations, do a good job of daily inspections, properly handle machine failures, and do these tasks well to ensure the normal use of the veneer stacker machine.




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