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Daily maintenance of glue spreading machine

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 glue spreading machine

The glue spreading machine needs regular maintenance, which can improve the service life of the glue spreading machine, but many users do not know how often the glue spreading machine needs to be maintained, how to maintain the equipment, and how to prolong the use time of the glue spreading machine? Now let us understand some precautions for the daily maintenance of the glue spreading machine.

The glue spreading machine needs to be inspected before use every day, foreign objects should be cleaned in time, check whether the equipment is normally lubricated, and whether the moving components of the glue spreading machine can work flexibly.

After the glue spreading machine is in normal operation, inject the adhesive into the adhesive tank, and then adjust the spacing between the coating rollers and the spacing between the coating roller and the squeezing roller reasonably according to the thickness of the veneer and the viscosity of the adhesive.

During the process of applying the adhesive, the surface of the veneer should be cleaned to prevent sharp objects from scratching the rubber layer covered on the surface of the roller. Due to long-term use, the groove wear on the surface of the rubber layer should be repaired in time.

In order to prevent the glue from hardening after the glue spreading machine is finished, the glue spreading machine must be thoroughly cleaned, the paint roller, squeeze roller, grooves must be cleaned, and the glue splashed on the body must be completely removed. After cleaning, please wipe off water stains to prevent rust corrosion.

When the applicator is deactivated, it must be restored to factory condition. Return the top coating roll and squeeze roll to their original positions, and rotate the adjustment nut of the coating roll and the adjustment sleeve of the squeeze roll to ensure that the pressure adjustment spring of the coating roll and the top fixed spring of the squeeze roll are completely loosened. Fully lubricate and maintain the equipment.

The glue spreading machine of the base needs to be replaced according to the oil usage in the machine after the season. The crude oil has been equipped before leaving the factory, because it is a trial, which helps to adjust the rotary veneer peeling  machine through replacement. In addition to this, also look for waste accumulation in the funnel. If there is scrap, the equipment will not be able to switch jobs smoothly. Also, any machine position on the equipment must not be over-pressed, otherwise it will interfere with the transport of the sheet. Remember to top up the rust inhibitor after the change is over for better results from the applicator.

There is a lot of dust in the work, and the continuous accumulation will easily affect the fluidity of the execution system of the glue spreading machine. In order to recommend to regularly check whether there is dust accumulation in the bearing department to affect the fluidity of dispensing.

Veneer adhesive is an important step in plywood production, which not only affects the bonding strength of veneer and the physical and mechanical properties of plywood, but also affects the production cost of plywood. Therefore, mastering the structure, working method and adjustment of the coating quality of the veneer glue spreading machine is helpful for the use of the machine.

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