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Drying process of veneer veneer dryer

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veneer dryer

       The wood veneer needs to be dried before use, so that the wood is not prone to problems in future use, and the dried veneer is easier to save. Let’s first understand how some veneer veneer dryer work.

      Before the wood veneer enters the veneer veneer dryer, it needs to be treated, and the veneer is divided into boards of the same thickness, and then enters the veneer veneer dryer for heating and evaporation. The veneer dryer adopts the construction technology of high temperature and rapid drying, and the treated board is not easy to have cracks and deformation problems. The veneer dryer should consider temperature, humidity, time and other issues during the working process. There are strict regulations and requirements for each item. Exceeding the parameters will affect the drying quality of the veneer.

       In the process of using the veneer dryer, attention should be paid to the use of electricity to avoid circuit problems, dangers or board problems, which will affect the normal use of the veneer dryer. In the normal working process of the veneer dryer, there are many problems to pay attention to, especially the control of temperature and humidity, otherwise it will directly affect the quality of the board.


       The first stage of the veneer dryer's work is to increase the temperature of the board to a temperature where the moisture in the wood can evaporate by heating. After the moisture in the wood evaporates into the air, the veneer dryer evaporates the moisture through heat; the second stage is heating, Because the veneer has just come into contact with the heat generated by the veneer dryer, the temperature cannot reach the purpose of drying, so it needs to be heated to quickly evaporate the moisture in the wood; the third stage is to reduce the temperature. When the temperature of the wood veneer reaches a certain level, the evaporation rate of water in the veneer will decrease, because most of the water in the wood has not evaporated, and the remaining heat is enough to remove the remaining water in the wood.

      During the use of the veneer veneer dryer, failures may occur, mainly due to wear and tear, and need to be replaced with a new one; the belt of the veneer dryer will loosen and break during long-term use, which is easy to solve. We need to check frequently, and then make timely replacement.

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