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Equipment maintenance

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Let me introduce how to carry out basic maintenance on the equipment.

1.      Lubricate the moving parts of the guide rail, feed screw, gearbox and transmission gear before the new equipment run.

2. The feed screw, guide rail, transmission gear, transmission chain, etc. should be filled with oil every hour for 200 hours within the new machine. The feed screws on both sides of the single and double roller bearing bushings should be filled with butter once within 15 days of the new machine, and the butter should be filled once every 15 days to ensure the durability of the equipment.

3. After 200 hours running, the lubrication parts should be lubricated once every 2 hours.

4. Check the electrical control every 200 hours.

5. Before the running, please check whether the single and double roller motor belt is slack or worn.

In fact, whether it is log debarker or veneer  peeling machine , pay attention to maintenance and maintenance when using it normally, the machine can run better, and the service time will be longer.




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