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Face mask machine

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Mask (respirator) is used to filter the air in the mouth and nose of the nose and mouth to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's mouth and nose.

   There are many types of masks, generally divided into cotton / gauze masks, paper masks, activated carbon masks, PM2.5 masks, surgical masks or medical masks, N95 masks and new three-dimensional masks.

         Our current masks are N95 masks, surgical masks or medical masks

         Medical masks (surgical masks) are used in the mouth and nose to prevent harmful substances from entering the wearer's mouth and nose; or to prevent the wearer's respiratory secretions from contaminating others or the environment. They are mostly used by medical personnel and are also widely used To prevent the spread of respiratory infectious diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome and influenza. It should be replaced daily, but damaged or dirty should be replaced immediately.

        Ordinary citizens often use surgical masks or similar civilian sanitary masks. We wear masks everyday to filter out harmful substances in the air and to block smoke and dust in our daily lives. But in fact, the main purpose of the design of surgical masks is to block the wearer's mouth and nose droplets. The ability to filter particles in the air is extremely limited. To filter harmful gases in the air, we need to wear another PM2.5 mask. It is common for people to wear masks in public places when they are sick, to prevent respiratory infections and prevent the spread of diseases.

        So how to wear the mask correctly?

        First, before wearing a mask, wash your hands with alcohol-based hand soap or soap. Then fix the cords at both ends of the mask to the ears. Hold the nose bridge with one hand and hold the lower end of the mask with the other, covering the face with the mask. Masks should cover the mouth and nose to minimize the gap between the face and the edges of the mask.

        Attention should be paid to the wearing process: 1. The mask should be replaced immediately after being wet. 2. Do not reuse the disposable mask multiple times. 3. Take off the mask through the cords at both ends, avoid touching the front of the mask surface with your hands. 4. Immediately after removing the mask, it should be discarded in an airtight bin and wash your hands with alcohol-based hand soap or soap. 5. No need to wear multiple masks for maximum protection. 6. Need to wear a mask in public places

   In modern society, people's awareness of protection is constantly strengthening, and the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is constantly expanding. Many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and want to get involved in the industry of mask production. Since I don't know the mask production industry and production process, I don't know how to choose a face mask machine. The following is some common sense introduction to the mask machine.

        This article mainly gives a brief introduction to the daily protective mask machines and N95 mask machines that we commonly use.

mask machine

      This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of flat masks: after the whole roll of fabric is unwound, it is driven by a roller, and the fabric is automatically folded and wrapped; the nose beam is pulled by the whole roll and unwound, and is cut into a fixed length and then imported into the wrapped fabric Ultrasonic welding to the seal, then ultrasonic side sealing, cutting and shaping: the mask is transferred to the two mask ear strap welding stations through the assembly line, and the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding. After the mask is made, it passes through the assembly line Transport to flat belt line for collection.

    The main components of the equipment






filter cloth / filter cotton / absorbent layer water release mechanism

3 sets

up to 4 sets, random 3 sets


Nose bridge strip unwinding mechanism



nose bridge straightening mechanism


width 3-7mm


Nose bridge strip driving and cutting mechanism


Width 3-7mm



Cloth folding mechanism



roll welding edge sealing mechanism




cloth driving mechanism



cloth fan folding mechanism



roll welding side seam mechanism



roll-sealing mechanism



Shunting mechanism (slicing machine)


Suitable for T0PKZ-90 full-automatic flat mouth machine, it will not be delivered during emergency delivery, and it can be added later


ear band welding machine mechanism

2 set


Unloading line (laminated line)

2 set

suitable for TOPRZ-90A fully automatic flat mouth machine, it will not be delivered during emergency delivery, and can be added later


operation panel


2.Specifications of production masks:

Standard type: 175 * 95mm (mask specifications)

N95 face mask production line

Features of a KN95 mask production line

The KN95 mask is composed of 6 layers of special filter-free cloth, which meets the NIOSH standard with a filtration rate of 95%. It can effectively filter certain microbial particles (including viruses, bacteria, etc.), avoid interactive infection of droplets, and protect human health.

The production line has 6 cloth reels and a nose beam reel, which can produce up to 6 layers of N95 masks. Each unwinding has a lack of material alarm and adjustment of tension. The roll material is layered in and placed into the nose bridge at the same time. The multiple layers of fabric are welded together by ultrasonic welding, and various patterns are pressed out, and then the cover valve hole is punched out. Carry out the trademark printing, and automatically weld the ear straps, then fold, weld, and cut the shape, and finally the finished product is put into the box, and the flash is retracted.

    Detailed composition of KN95 mask production line

1|>Unwinding system                           1set

Unwinding station                   6 sets

Out of material alarm detection       6 sets

Nowoven roll diameter         Φ60--Φ80

Roll diameter             Φ600

Roll width               250mm

2> Nose bridge strip unwinding mechanism    1 set

Unwinding station            1 set

Out of material alarm detection       1 set

Nowoven roll diameter           Φ30—Φ50

Roll diameter                   Φ350

Roll width               1000mm

3> Nose bridge straightening mechanism      1 set

Calibration number           7 rounds

Wheel diameter             Φ22

4>Nose bridge driving and cutting mechanism   1 set

Cuttingtype                intermittent touch wheel

Power mechanism             Spindle drive

5>Nose bridge strip placement mechanism     1 set

  Insertion form                  push plate type 

Power mechanism             Spindle drive

6〉Pattern welding device                1 set

Welding method: Ultrasonic             1 set

  Welding Oscillator 20K             1 set

7> Valve hole cutting mechanism            1 set

Cutting method               Ultrasound

Cutting wheel diameter            Φ83

8> One set of traction mechanism             1 set

Traction roller diameter             Φ83mm        

Power mechanism               Spindle drive

9〉Trademark Agency                  2 sets

Printing type                  Ink

Printing power                 pneumatic

10>Two sets of automatic welding ear band mechanism

Welding method                 Ultrasonic

Welding Oscillator                 20K

11>A set of automatic servo shearing mechanism for welding ear band

  Power mechanism               Servo  

   Servo power                   750W

12>One set of folding mechanism               1 set

Roller diameter                   Φ83mm

  Power mechanism                   Spindle drive

13> Welding edge mechanism                  1 set

Welding method                    Ultrasonic

Welding Oscillator                   15K

Power                         Pneumatic

14>A set of automatic servo tracking shearing mechanism for welding edge

Power mechanism                    Servo

Servo power                        750W

15>cutting mechanism                         1 set

  Cutting roller diameter                   Φ83mm

  Power mechanism                     Spindle drive

16>Fast conveying mechanism                      1 set

Conveying form                          1 set

Power mechanism Spindle drive             1 set

17>A set of border collection agencies             1 set

Edgerollerdiameter                  Φ60mm

Power mechanism                      Spindle drive

18〉Electrical control system                       1 set

Control method                 interface operation

Screen size                        7 ”

Power supply voltage                    220V

Spindle control mode                  Servo control

Servo power                       1.5KW




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