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Grinder machine

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grinder machine

        What is a grinder machine?

        The grinder machine is a kind of equipment for linear sharpening of cutting blades in the wood processing industry, paper industry, printing industry, wood crushing, plastic crushing, rubber industry, tanning industry, metallurgical rolling and other industries. It can also be used for grinding general metals. For the end face.

        The main types of grinder machine: automatic grinder machine, precision grinder machine, CNC grinder machine, woodworking grinder machine, special scraper grinder machine, printing grinder machine, paper cutter grinder machine, multi-function grinder machine, double sharpener Head sharpener, round knife grinder machine, etc.

        For the plywood industry, commonly used types of grinder machine include splint grinder machine, electromagnetic grinder machine and CNC grinder machine.

        The use of cutter grinder machine provides convenience for our sharpening operations. Today we will learn about the related content of commonly used sharpeners.

        The first is the straight knife grinder machine, which is a mechanical splint type grinder machine, specialized in sharpening, various bevel or straight blades, with short grinding time, small grinding amount, high grinding precision, The characteristic of the sharp edge; and then there is the end face grinder, which is the second generation end face grinder specially developed for sharpening various slat-shaped straight blades. The machine adopts an integral structure with a stable and generous appearance and a structural design. It is scientific and precise in sharpening quality. It is a necessary sharpening equipment for users in printing, papermaking, woodworking, plastic leather, toilet paper and other industries.

        The electromagnetic knife grinder machine adopts an electromagnetic chuck knife stand, which has uniform suction force, sharper knife, safe and convenient operation, and effectively improves work efficiency.

        CNC knife grinder machine, CNC knife grinder machine high degree of automation. Adopt advanced motor, PLC programming control system; automatic grinding wheel supply, can automatically adjust the number of rough grinding, fine grinding; memory and dynamic tracking. It can effectively save production time and reduce labor intensity, and is suitable for users in small sharpening centers and woodworking machinery industries.

        What are the characteristics of the knife grinder machine?

        1. The design of the body of the sharpener has changed the original loose frame structure to a steel plate closed welded structure. Greatly improve the strength of the machine body, increase and extend the service life of the sharpener.

        2. Adopting sufficient vibration aging treatment process for the collective after welding of steel plate metal materials, which obviously eliminates and reduces the degree of natural deformation after processing.

        3. The transmission part changes the original belt transmission to gear transmission, which overcomes the shortcomings of uneven walking speed and increases the reliability and stability of the sharpener.

        4. Change the swing angle of the grinding head of the sharpener, from the original grinding head swinging 30° to a design with a swinging rotation angle greater than 90°. The grinding wheel of the sharpener is more convenient and quicker.

        5. When the grinding head of the sharpener is processing the knife, the automatic knife feeding design is adopted, which improves the degree of automatic speech. It effectively saves the manpower and time necessary for manual feeding, and improves the labor intensity of the operator.

        Different types of grinder machine have different applicable scopes. Of course, the grinder machine price will also be different. If you need to, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with a complete set of plywood production solutions




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