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Help you extend the life of plywood machine

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plywood machine

In order to effectively extend the service life of plywood machines, in addition to the daily correct operation, you should also do the following six points:

 (1) Atmospheric environment: There shall be no conductive dust in the workshop of the mink machine, no salt, sour gas, corrosive gas, flammable gas and oil mist; avoid the change of ambient temperature caused by direct sunlight or heat radiation.

(2) Humidity temperature: The operating environment humidity of the jigsaw machine should be in the range of 30%~90%; the ambient temperature should be 0-45°C, and the principle of temperature change should not cause condensation;

(3) There shall be no rain or snow in the plant of the suede machine. The dust concentration shall not exceed 10mg/m3. The installation position shall be away from inflammable and explosive materials and away from the vibration source.

(4) CNC plywood veneer peeling machine is also a category of durable machinery, and the failure rate is relatively low. However, the long-term use, the friction of the gears and the angle of the plate correction may vary, so professional rotary cutting machine technicians are required for maintenance and maintenance.

(5) Before the work, the mechanical personnel should add lubricant to each part of the CNC rotary veneer peeling machine according to the regulations. The machine is prohibited from repairing, maintaining, lubricating, tightening during work. If it is found to be abnormal during work, it should be checked after parking.

(6) The mechanical equipment of the CNC rotary veneer peeling machine and the mechanical equipment that has been overhauled, rebuilt and disassembled shall be inspected, identified and commissioned in accordance with the relevant provisions of the mechanical equipment technical test procedures to prevent early damage of the CNC rotary veneer cutting machine. 

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