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Hot Press

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hot press machine

The hot press is a key equipment in the production of various artificial boards such as plywood and particle board. The press generally uses oil as the pressurized medium, and the heating usually uses saturated steam and hot oil, and also uses water or electricity for heating. The hot press can work under high temperature and high pressure conditions, with a short hot pressing period and high efficiency. Promote the development of industrial production lines for plywood and particle board.

There are many types of presses. According to the different working methods, there are two types: periodic and continuous. According to the number of layers, the periodic type can be divided into single-layer press and multi-layer press Different pressing methods, continuous type can be divided into extruder, roller press and flat press.

According to the different processed board, it is divided into plywood press, particle board press and fiberboard press.

According to different processing technology, it is divided into pre-press, cold press and hot press.

The multi-layer hot press is the longest used and widely used press. It occupies a large proportion in the production of wood-based panels, especially in the plywood production line is still dominant.

Multi-layer hot press is composed of three parts: hot press body, control drive part (hydraulic system and electronic control system), heating system.

Hot press laminating machine, double veneer hot press, single veneer hot press, features: hot press system heats up quickly, heating system and heat conduction system are light and carefully designed in sections, low heat consumption and uniform heat conduction; mechanism is set up Reasonable, high-precision processing of accessories, wide adjustment range of process parameters, reasonable design of control process, can meet the technological requirements of various veneer production. Uses: The veneer press series models are suitable for neutral furniture factories or small wood-based panel secondary processing (professional veneer) factories. They are used to hot-press bond furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, and various types of wood-based panels: Such as plywood, joinery board, MDF, particleboard surface with various decorative materials: decorative paper, decorative cloth, melamine fire board, metal foil, artificial and natural veneer, natural veneer parquet; can not be used for single plate drying Leveling and setting of flat and colored decorative wood chips.

Compared with the multi-layer hot press, the single-layer hot press has the advantages: there is no complicated loading and unloading board and other supporting equipment, the machine itself is relatively simple and easy to maintain; the support rigidity of the single-layer hot press hot plate is good, there is no multi-layer The thickness error of the hot pressing machine, so the thickness error of the product will be smaller; the plate size of the hot pressing is large, the edge loss is relatively reduced, and the consumption of raw materials is reduced. Therefore, the single-layer hot press is more and more widely used in production, especially in the production of particle board.

      Each machine has its own characteristics, and it is important to choose the right machine in production. If you have any questions about the machine, please contact us at any time. Our company can provide you with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.




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