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How to choose the right plywood machine?

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With the development of furniture manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, the demand for plywood machines continues to increase, and they are also experiencing continuous innovation. Therefore, this article will introduce you to purchase knowledge of plywood machines.


500 TON Hot Press Machine for Plywood Production  


  • General principles for purchasing plywood machines

  • How to choose a plywood machine


1. General principles for purchasing plywood machines

(1) Pay attention to the practicability of the plywood machine and clarify which problem or problems it can solve in production.

(2) Pay attention to the economics of the plywood machine, and ensure that the price paid by the machine under the conditions of processing requirements is the most economical or more reasonable.

(3) Pay attention to the practicability of the plywood machine, and the machine selected should be compatible with the operation and maintenance level of the enterprise.

(4) Pay attention to the stability and reliability of the plywood machine, that is, the quality of the machine itself, and choose brand-name products to ensure that the CNC machine tool is stable and reliable when working.



2. How to choose a plywood machine

(1) Choose a brand. Generally speaking, brand enterprises of plywood machines are often relatively large in scale, with strong R & D capabilities and quality assurance conditions; product quality is relatively stable, and the Three Guarantees service is timely.

(2) Look at the effect. Before purchasing, you can consult the manufacturer of the plywood machine, compare several brands, and understand the performance, quality, and after-sales service of the product you want to buy.

(3) Look at the documents. The certified products are subject to inspection and control, the product quality is relatively guaranteed, and the certified products are affixed with badge marks, which is not easy to fake.

(4) Look at the appearance. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of plywood machines will reflect the inherent quality of the products to a certain extent. Pay attention to observe the product for signs of bumps, damage, paint removal and renovation; whether the welds at all welding parts are smooth and firm; whether the sealing surface is dripping oil, etc. carefully check before buying to avoid buying unqualified products.

(5) Look at the logo. The plywood machine's logo is complete, which not only reflects the strict implementation of the company's standards, but also facilitates user operation. Be cautious when purchasing products that have been shipped for a long time, stored for a long time, or returned for repair, so pay attention to the logo when purchasing.

(6) Look at the service. The products produced by regular enterprises have three guarantees certificates. The products must not only have instructions on three guarantees maintenance, but also provide the three guarantees maintenance record form; they should explain the time limit for the three guarantees maintenance and the contact address and telephone number of the three guarantees maintenance unit. The perfect three-guarantee service is an effective guarantee for the use of products and can relieve users' worries.


Now, there are more and more manufacturers of plywood machines, and the competition is also growing. When we choose the manufacturers of machine production, we must identify and analyze from many aspects. Our consumers produce manufacturers that are good in terms of quality, price and service.




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