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How to choose the veneer peeling machine

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How to choose the spindleless veneer peeling  machine that suits you



When customers purchase log debarker , wood peeling machineand veneer stacker, they always ask the manufacturer for a configuration list including motor power, processed log diameter, roller diameter, rotary cutting speed, and machine weight. Details include: motor brand, reducer brand, inverter brand, bearing type. But there are not many people who can really understand the configuration list. Let's take a wood peeling machine as an example to give you a brief introduction on what we should pay attention to when choosing a machine.


When choosing a machine, you should make sure what you really want

1.Rotary cut wood type

There are many kinds of wood, such as poplar, eucalyptus, pine, mixed wood, birch, rubber wood, etc. These trees are divided into softwood and hardwood. If rotary-cut hardwood should choose a machine with high motor power and heavy tonnage.

2. Wood diameter:

The processed wood has a large diameter, the machine power is increased, and the power of the machine is increased.

3. Veneer thickness

The thicker the board, the greater the motor power required.

4. Roller selection

Customized rolls are required for the rotary cutting of particularly thin and particularly thick veneers. The working principle of the spindleless wood cutting machine is rotating the wood by friction rollers to complete the rotary cutting. Rotating the special thick veneer requires a particularly large friction of the roller, which can ensure the smoothness and uniformity of the veneer, the small pattern roller and the wood. The contact surface is larger, the friction will also larger. softwood and hardwood choose different roller patterns.

5. Rotating speed

The faster the speed, the greater the motor power required. When choosing the speed of the wood peeling  machine, you should also consider the speed of the veneer stacker.

Choosing the right rotary cutting machine, there are many problems to consider. Our factory has a professional consulting team, you can choose the right rotary cutting machine according to your needs, or you can design a reasonable production line for you. Feel free to contact us if you need it.




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