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Hydraulic log debarker common problems and solutions

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log debarker

With the advancement of science and technology, the hydraulic round-finding control technology has also been applied to the production of hydraulic log debarker. The advent of hydraulic wood debarker has not only improved the efficiency of round-finding work, but also requires only one operator to solve the problem of round-finger rounds. However, as the shortcomings of large-scale production have also been revealed, the fur has no uniformity during the rounding process, resulting in the production of furs that can only be used in the power generation and papermaking industries. The subsequent large gear rounding machines solved the above problems, but The round effect is not as good as the hydraulic log debarker machine. At present, most people still choose the hydraulic round finding machine. The log debarker has played an important role in the processing of wood, and has greatly helped the development of the plywood industry. There are many machines for processing wood, and wood debarker machines are the most commonly used tools when processing wood. So how to deal with the failure of the round-finding machine? The manufacturers of Hydraulic log debarker machines will introduce solutions to several problems.

1. After plugging the power to the log debarker machine, the indicator light is on, but the motor cannot start. Whether the motor can run normally needs to check the power control line to ensure the normal operation of the log debarker machine. However, the motor cannot start. Solution: Pay attention to whether the power is out of phase or the main control line is not connected. Check the power supply and control line and the total stop button carefully.

2. The round bark is not clean because the knife is low and the seam is too small. Solution: Refer to the knife adjustment chart to adjust the knife height and knife gap.

3. The log debarker machine cannot withdraw automatically. The log debarker machine can automatically retract the tool. If it can not be turned off, check whether the stroke switch and the control circuit of the retracting tool are open, and solve the retracting and overhauling circuit, so that the problem of retracting the knife can be well handled. Solution: Replace the travel switch maintenance circuit.

4. When the wood debarker machine is in use, the size of the knife gap can be adjusted according to your own needs, so that the bark can be removed well, otherwise the clean skin is not clean. The reason is that the knife is low and the seam is too small. Solution: Refer to the knife adjustment chart to adjust the knife height and knife gap.

Round finding machines can bring a lot of convenience to plywood production plants. Not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces manual labor intensity. The round-finding machine is also very simple to operate, with high speed and high quality. Can make full use of wood resources and reduce production costs. If you want to further improve the utilization efficiency of wood resources by the round finding machine, you need to adjust the blade of the round finding machine correctly.

The cutting edge of the rounding machine production line adjusts the adjustment screws at both ends of the main single box so that the gap between the knife gaps is equal to or greater than the thickness of the leather being rotated. This avoids the phenomenon of being too thin or too thick, which can effectively produce high-quality boards. Check the gap between the knife and the roller with a feeler gauge to see if the two ends of the round machine production line are consistent.

5. The design of the log debarker machine is more and more user-friendly, more and more convenient to operate, and the requirements on the staff are relatively low. The new peeling function of the current round-finding machine makes the bark removal more clean and smooth, so that the bark and fur removed can be returned to everyone. The maintenance and maintenance of the round-finding machine, including the timely replacement of parts and components, is very beneficial to our production. It is not only a guarantee of service life, but also a means to ensure production output and efficiency. The round-finding machine has strong adaptability to wood, and can peel wood blocks of different tree species, diameters, lengths and shapes. Because the wood blocks perform rotary motion and irregular beating, the concave part of the curved wood section can also be very good with the peeling teeth s contact.

The above is a brief introduction on how to solve the faults of the round-finding machine. To cope with some problems that appear in the round-finding opportunity, daily maintenance and proper use of the round-finding machine can extend the use time of the machine.




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