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Log cutting saw

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Log cutting saw is a kind of wood cutting device. It is a machine for the wood processing industry that can quickly cut wood segments according to uniform specifications. The wood is placed on the workbench, and the workbench is pushed to bring the wood close to the rotating saw blade to complete the cutting work. Achieve high-speed broken wood. Automate the production of plywood.

In the rotary cutting machine production line, the use of log cutting saws has many advantages:

1. Developed and manufactured for the veneer processing industry, the wood is sawn into a uniform length of wood. For example, a veneer manufacturer purchases a log of 2600 mm in length, and after sawing by an automatic sawing machine, it can become two logs of 1300 mm standard length. Thus, the rotary cutter cuts off the cutter device.

2. Automatic feeding, automatic sawing, and sawing and bending.

3. Efficient and fast, easy to operate and save labor. One person can operate the broken wood saw.

4. The automatic feeding device can send the sawed two-stage logs back to the top of the log debarker machine or the veneer peeling machine.

We also launched three sawmills according to different production requirements of our customers.

log cutting saw

This log cutting saw can automatically supply oil. The saw blade is made of high-strength chrome. The length of the saw blade is 1200mm. The maximum diameter of the cut logs is 600mm. It can be used for sawing logs and saves three labors.

log cutting saw

This sawing machine has a maximum log length of 2700mm and a maximum diameter of 450mm for cutting logs. This sawing machine intercepts the logs with a smooth cross-section, standard size and strong power. high working efficiency.

log cutting saw

The maximum log length of this machine is 1500mm and the maximum log diameter is 500mm. It is used for sawing standard length logs. After the rotary cutting, the sides of the veneer are neat, and the size of the veneer is more standard. Generally used before the veneer peeling  machine.

The routine maintenance of the log cutting saw is also very important. Do not have any debris during installation and use, and adjust the chain and motor regularly. Regularly adjust the inspection of the feeding chain, the feeding motor chain and the navigation motor inside the multi-saw saw. Regularly check the machine's internal spindle nut for looseness.

Global woodworking machinery is improving the utilization rate of wood, improving the precision of wood processing, improving production efficiency and automation, and developing energy-saving and environmental protection. With the improvement of market demand level, the requirements for standardization and specialized production of woodworking machinery, improvement of product quality, improvement of labor productivity, and conservation of resources are also increasing. We are also constantly striving to create better equipment to serve our customers.




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