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Log debarker and veneer peeling machine the classification

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The working principle of log rounding machine is similar to that of a veneer peeling machine. Today, we will tell you the specific classification of the circular machine according to the configuration.

1. 350 reducer rounding machine


Advantages: The reducer has large torque and low cost, and is suitable for the various circumstance.

Disadvantages: loud noise.

Four feet debarking machine with 350 reducer mainly used for India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It is primarily used for peeling and rounding of Southeast Asian eucalyptus. Eight feet log debarker with 350 reducer is mainly used for the rounding of the dough rotary cutting machine, mainly used for poplar, pine and cloned wood in China.

2.R series reducer type rounding machine


Advantages: low noise and more energy saving. Can be used for the debarking and rounding of big diameter hardwood.

The machines are mainly sent to countries such as India, Turkey, Eastern Europe, and South America. The 8-feet log debarker with R series reducer is mainly used for peeling and rounding of red eucalyptus trees in India.

The above is based on the classification of the reducer. Below we classify the peeling machine according to the difference of rollers.

1. Corrugated roller: It is mainly used for peeling and rounding of softwood such as poplar and cotton.


Advantages: It is not easy to leave traces on the surface of the logs, improve the rate of rotary cutting, especially the surface of poplar, saving wood costs.

2. Mace Roller: It is mainly used for peeling and rounding of various hardwoods.


Advantages: high grip and friction, can handle a variety of curved logs and hardwood. This type of machine is mainly sent to countries such as India, South America and Russia.

3. Needle type (gear type) roller: This type of rounding machine is mainly used for rubberwood in the Malaysian and Indian markets. The rubber wood is soft and comfortable to wrap around the friction roller during the peeling process. This machine avoids this situation.


Advantages: the contact surface is small, the grip is large, and the efficiency is improved by 25% compared with the ordinary round machine.


Our factory recently developed a new log debarking machine which can break the barks to pieces when the logs are rounding. A row of saw blades is placed under the rotary cutter, and the bark is driven by an 11 kW motor. The crushed bark can be used as particle board or MDF. Improve raw material utilization and save costs.

Finally, let's talk about the diameter of the roller for the circular machine. The diameter of the single roller is 150mm, and the diameter of the double roller is 150mm, 180mm, 200mm. It can be selected according to the tree species that the customer has rotated.

If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to contact us. We provide you with more professional services.




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