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Log feeding machine

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The log feeding machine is an auxiliary equipment for plywood veneer production line. This machine is used to transport logs to a log debarker or veneer peeling machine. The log feeding machine can save labor, improve production efficiency, save cost and achieve automatic veneer production.

The log feeding machines produced by our factory are divided into two types, simple log feeding machine and reinforced log feeding machine.


Simple log feeding machine, this log feeding machine needs manual operation, are with the characteristic of reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain and low cost. Suitable for small diameter log transport.

Reinforced feeders are divided into two types. One is a loading machine for the entire steel plate. The other is an automatic log feeding machine.


The whole steel plate log feeding machine, which is used for the transmission of large-diameter logs, can carry heavy duty logs and runs smoothly. Simple in structure, easy to operate and durable.


The unmanned log feeding machine is a fully automatic feeding machine. It is used for the log feeding before the log debarker and the veneer peeling machine in the automatic plywood veneer production line. This machine automatically transfers logs to a log debarker or veneer peeling machine, saving time and labor. The machine has stable performance, less wearing parts and long service time.




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