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Maintenance of hydraulic cold press in winter

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cold press

As we all know, the cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic cold presses is an important part of the operation of the hydraulic press, so that the hydraulic cold press machine can work better. So, what kind of cleaning is useful cleaning? What do we need to pay attention to during the cleaning process?

Cleaning of hydraulic cold press: 1. The oil should be selected correctly when cleaning: Some plywood production factories, when cleaning the hydraulic cold press, workers use liquids such as oil, gasoline or alcohol to clean the hydraulic press. Actually, this is incorrect. It will have a certain effect on the life of equipment components, seals and pipelines. The correct cleaning should be test oil or oil during operation. 2. Use small techniques to clean the hydraulic cold press: In the process of cleaning the hydraulic cold press, you can choose hydraulic pump operation, cleaning medium heating, non-metal hammering and other related tips to speed up the hydraulic machine equipment pipeline. Sorting of impurities such as attachments, rubber residues, etc. When cleaning the oil return path, use different mesh filters to sort the impurities. 3. Grasp the cleaning time: Generally speaking, the cleaning time of the hydraulic cold press is 2-4 hours. The structure of different hydraulic systems is different, the pollution is different, and the cleaning accuracy is different. This requires personnel who are responsible for equipment cleaning operations. Make cleaning schedules according to your equipment.

              Maintenance of hydraulic cold presses: In winter, the cold weather causes the water in the air to freeze and mix into the oil tanks. In order to avoid such situations, the oil tanks of hydraulic equipment must be tightly closed. The material of the lid should be selected. Do not use iron bucket lids. It is best to choose stainless steel bucket lids, because the iron bucket lids oxidize and rust into the oil drums, which will cause oil pollution. The maintenance requirements for other mechanical systems are from antifreeze, heat preservation, heating, and replacement of operating oil. Moreover, the number of maintenance and maintenance of these systems in winter is more than the number of maintenance in other seasons. , Frequent maintenance can reduce the probability of equipment failure in winter. Here we need to remind everyone that it is best to use low viscosity working oil when replacing working oil in winter, because high viscosity working oil will not be easy to move in winter, which will reduce the power of the equipment during operation.

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