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Maintenance of spindle veneer peeling machine

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spindle veneer peeling machine

      The spindle veneer peeling machine with good performance and poor performance is used for one year at the same time. If the spindle veneer peeling machine with card is not well maintained during the process, the spindle veneer peeling machine with good performance will be the same as the spindle veneer peeling machine with poor quality.  There are many faults, and the service life is reduced.


      How to properly maintain the spindle veneer peeling machine is a problem that many users are very concerned about. The correct use and maintenance of machinery and equipment is very important. If a failure occurs, the defective rate of the produced product will increase, the product cannot be used, and the product cost will be wasted. Today we have sorted out some common sense about the maintenance of the spindle veneer peeling machine, hoping to give you some help.


      The spindle veneer peeling machine is one of the important equipment for the production of plywood. The maintenance of the blade is very important for the cspindle veneer peeling machine. It is important to keep the spindle veneer peeling machine blade clean every day. In addition, the timely oiling of the chain of the spindle veneer peeling machine is essential. In the use of the spindle veneer peeling machine, we will find that if the chain is short of oil, the rotary cutting machine will make a harsh sound during the rotation and encounter hard spots. The wood is prone to jump chains.

      In the daily use specifications of the spindle veneer peeling machine, there is another requirement to strengthen the inspection of the wearing parts of the spindle veneer peeling machine. This is the basic requirement for maintaining machinery and also the basic requirement for ensuring productivity. The wearing parts on the spindle veneer peeling machine mainly include: the feed screw, the pressure ruler, the chuck shaft and the bushing, etc., when they have problems, what impact will they have on our production? Let's take a brief look.

      The abrasion of the chuck shaft and the shaft sleeve will loosen the shaft, cause the rotation to be out of circle, and the thickness of the veneer will vary.


      The feed screw or nut of the rotary cutting machine is worn loose and the thickness of the veneer will be different at this time.


      The pressure ruler holder or the knife holder surface of the card rotary cutter is severely worn, and horizontal sliding will occur. When the rotary cutter is peeling, the wood will push the pressure rule back, which increases the gap between the knife door and causes the pressure rule to affect the veneer. The pressure is insufficient, and the veneer cut out is rough.


      The wear of the main slide will cause the cutting angle of the rotary cutting tool to change during the rotary cutting, resulting in a thick outer ring, a thin inner ring, or a wave shape.


      It can be seen that the wear of parts will definitely affect the quality of the rotary cutting machine. Therefore, the operator must pay attention to the maintenance of the card rotary cutting machine.




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