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Maintenance of the knife grinder

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knife grinder machine

       Cutter grinder equipment is the indispensable mechanical equipment for grinding straight blades. In the plywood veneer production line, it is mainly used to grind the blades of the veneer peeling machine and the log debarker machine. High-performance plywood production equipment can bring high-efficiency and high-quality production to production and processing. To improve the production efficiency of the sharpener, daily maintenance work is indispensable. So how to maintain the sharpener in daily use?

1. The cleaning work of the knife grinder includes: ensuring the cleanliness of the working environment, rectifying the mechanical equipment, checking the specific conditions of the lubrication of each lubrication part according to the lubrication standard, and increasing the oil lubrication management that meets the oil quality standard in accordance with the regulations.

2. The lubrication of the knife grinder machine tool should be carried out in accordance with the standard of the product manual, and it is guaranteed to be replaced once a year to remove the sundries in the oil, remove the oil stains from the parts of the machine and equipment, and clean the oil filter and the equipment.

3. Check the machine and electrical appliances that make the blade sharp, and clean the dust, load, oil stains, oil stains, etc. accumulated on the control elements of the electrical appliances in the electrical box.

4. In the specific process of sharpening the knife, the feed of the tool to the grinding wheel should not be too large, and it is strictly forbidden to perform brutal operations in violation of regulations.

5. Turn off the power of the knife grinder machine when the sharpener is not in use, such as observing the tools with a magnifying glass.

6. The scrapped knives of the sharpener should be put into the designated waste box, and it is strictly forbidden to discard them randomly.

7. Wipe the knife grinder machine clean when leaving the sharpening room, clean the sharpening room, arrange and put the tools, measuring tools, and knives in the designated position, do not throw them away randomly. The maintenance of the sharpener in daily use is very important so that it can have a better effect during production and will not affect the effect of sharpening. Do the "five passes" (turn off, turn off the light, turn off the fan, close the door, and close the window), and fill in the "instrument and equipment usage records" of the sharpener carefully.




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