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Matters needing attention in the use of sanding machine

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sanding machine


Plywodd sanding machine is the equipment required for plywood production. Before using the sanding machine, the operator should understand the problems that should be paid attention to when using the sanding machine to avoid accidents. What problems should be paid attention to in the production process of plywood sanding machine?

       1. When the plywood sanding machine is closed or before starting, you need to tell the staff on the same platform to pay attention, and then close and start the machine, and operate the machine without any abnormalities for one minute. Production will be carried out after no abnormalities. It is forbidden to run the machine with defects;

       2. During the operation of the plywood sanding machine, it is forbidden to process two pieces of wood with different materials at one time;

       3. The plywood sanding machine insists on leveling when feeding. If you find that the materials are going horizontally or jammed, you should stop the machine and lower the table to take out the wood;

       4. The plywood sanding machine should cut 2-8mm each time. If you encounter hard wood, you should reduce the feeding speed in addition to reducing the amount of planing;

       5. When feeding the plywood sanding machine, pay attention to observation to avoid the wood rebound and hurt people;

       6. The length of wood processed by the plywood sanding machine cannot be shorter than the base distance of the front and rear pressure wheels;

       7. When scheduling the feeding speed of the plywood sanding machine, it is necessary to schedule during the operation;

       8. When the wood processed by the plywood sanding machine is not planed out, do not lower it to avoid damage to the lifting equipment;

       9. After the operation of the plywood sanding machine is completed, block the power switch and clean the machine;

       10. The user of the plywood sanding machine is not allowed to adjust the high pressure roller at will, and the amount of sanding cannot be too large, otherwise it will easily cause the workpiece to hurt people.

        11. The grounding of the plywood sanding machine must be reliable. Non-electrical professionals should not connect the machine or repair the electronic control system. It is forbidden to maintain the machine on-line, and professional electrical personnel should regularly conduct electrical safety inspections on the machine. The safety protection device of the machine should not be dismantled or altered without authorization.

       12. The dust removal pipe of the plywood sanding machine should be made of metal materials and have a good grounding. This is particularly important for grinding paint and resin materials, otherwise it will cause fires due to electrostatic discharge, and dust explosions in severe cases.

       13. Under the premise of no fault, the main power supply of the plywood sanding machine must be turned off after the sanding belt of the machine has stopped, otherwise the sanding belt will run out and the photoelectric and travel switch will be damaged.

       14. The transformer of the plywood sanding machine can not be connected with any load, it can only be used with this machine.

       15. Maintenance procedures for plywood sanding machine: sander operators need to oil and clean the lifting parts of the sander every day and check the active oiling system; mechanics fill the equipment with butter once a month and respond to the machine every quarter Perform an inspection.

      The operator of the sander must understand its safety system before using the sanding machine.        When an accident occurs, these safety systems can protect the personal safety of the operator.

       1. Emergency stop button of sanding machine: The emergency stop button is usually set on the panel of the control system, and the red color is selected. When there is a sudden emergency in the production process, this button can be quickly photographed, so that it is running The equipment in the process will stop immediately.

       2. The belt protection function of the sanding machine: the sanding machine may break and deviate during the long-term production. The sanding machine equipped with the sanding belt protection function will encounter such problems as soon as it encounters such problems. The brake will be stopped immediately to protect the personal safety of the operator and the performance of the equipment will not be damaged.

       3. Click on the protection system of the sanding machine: When the equipment is seriously overloaded or phase-out, the motor will automatically stop running, and the corresponding warning will be given on the control panel.

       4. Sanding machine table lifting protection system: it is the limit we usually refer to, which can effectively process the stroke.

       The above are the issues that should be paid attention to when using the sanding machine.




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