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Method for adjusting thickness of spindle less veneer peeling machine

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spindle less veneer peeling machine

The function of the spindle less veneer peeling machine is to turn the log into veneer after peeling. The veneer can be used for plywood processing and is the main material for the production of plywood. The thickness and quality of the veneer will directly affect the thickness and quality of the plywood, so we should master the skills and methods of using the spindle less veneer peeling machine to process the veneer. Let's first learn how to adjust the thickness of the veneer with the peeling machine, so that we can produce the veneer that meets the requirements and make full use of the wood.

When adjusting and measuring the thickness of the veneer, the measurement should be carried out after the peeling, before and after drying, and after the glue is applied. The value measured before drying will be slightly larger than the value after the peeling. This is because the veneer will be Compressed. The thickness of the slab after drying will be smaller than before drying, it will expand after gluing, and the thickness will be reduced after hot pressing. This is the change in the thickness of the veneer during the process from peeling to plywood processing. We The processing allowance, drying shrinkage, changes in glue coating and hot pressing should be taken into consideration when peeling.

How do we adjust the cutting thickness of the veneer? Let's take a look at the method of adjusting the


      Use a triangular ruler to lean against the upper and inner side of the double-spun roll, and use a straightedge against the top of the single-spread roll. Look at the value of the position where the lower edge of the triangle and the straightedge meet, and then take the appropriate value according to the thickness of the veneer to be peeled. If the thickness of the veneer is less than 1mm, the value will be increased accordingly; if the thickness is greater than 2mm, the value will be decreased accordingly. When increasing the pressure of the rotary cutting machine, you can add gaskets to the single box and knife shoulder on both sides, and reduce the gasket when reducing the pressure of the rotary cutting.

If you feel that these operations are a little troublesome during the production of plywood, you can choose our CNC spindle less veneer peeling machine. The CNC spindle less veneer peeling machine can automatically adjust the uniformity of the leather. When using the CNC spindle less veneer peeling machine, you only need to set the parameters, and the peeling machine can automatically process the veneer. It not only saves time, but also improves the efficiency of peeling, maximizing the peeling of wood and reducing waste of wood, which is very suitable for the needs of plywood manufacturers for mass production of veneers.

The CNC spindle less veneer peeling machine has fast response and high precision. According to the detection data of the knife bed movement sensor, the rotary cutting process can calculate the feed speed of the knife bed in real time, and peel the leather with uniform thickness. And the peeling thickness can be set by yourself to meet different needs. The application of CNC on the spindle less veneer peeling machine not only reflects the improvement of efficiency, but also this product is more in line with modern requirements, which can save a lot of labor for users and greatly increase the production of peeling leather.

We are a professional plywood machine manufacturer with rich experience in the production of spindle less veneer peeling machines. All our products have been inspected from processing to delivery to ensure that each machine is qualified. It is our goal to be a product that users can rest assured.




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