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Method of inspecting hydraulic cold press machine

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hydraulic cold press machine

      The hydraulic cold press produced by the plywood manufacturer is mainly composed of a hydraulic system, an electrical control system, a pressure plate and a body. The hydraulic cold press has the characteristics of compact structure and good strength, so it is favored by a wide range of users. However, when the hydraulic cold press fails, in the process of inspecting the hydraulic cold press, some useful inspection methods can quickly find out the cause of the machine failure, saving time and effort.

      The general failure parts and causes of hydraulic cold presses can be roughly divided into the following five aspects:

      (1) The hydraulic components of the hydraulic cold press are not adjusted correctly, such as: hydraulic pump, oil motor, secondary valve, directional valve, relief valve, unloading valve, balance valve pressure and flow adjustment.

      (2) The sealing components of the hydraulic cold press are damaged or impurities make the hydraulic components unable to work normally.

      (3) The hydraulic components of the hydraulic cold press are worn or damaged, such as valve component seal failure, tension spring failure, and the gap is too large or too small.

      (4) The electrical control organization of the hydraulic press of the hydraulic cold press fails, such as: relay failure, poor or damaged button contact, incorrect electromagnet equipment, incorrect connection of the motor phase line, etc., which constitute hydraulic component malfunctions or program errors.

      (5) The auxiliary organization of the hydraulic cold press is out of order, such as improper adjustment or damage of the position of the limit switch, damage to the pressure gauge, damage to the pressure relay, and the filter mesh of the fuel tank is too large or too small.

      Although there are many ways to diagnose the failure of hydraulic cold press, when using these methods, it should be summarized and judged by the failure of the hydraulic press. At the same time, with the help of scientific instruments, it can find the failure of the hydraulic press scientifically, accurately, economically and quickly. The reason is to make the hydraulic press work as soon as possible.

      Commonly used inspection methods for hydraulic cold press machine shortcomings are as follows:

      The first is the replacement method: the same components on the hydraulic press of the same type, structure and principle are replaced (AC) equipment in the same orientation, which can quickly prove whether the replaced components have shortcomings and are reliable. The advantage of this method is that even if the repairer has a low level of skill, he can quickly use this method to make correct judgments and treatments for the shortcomings of the hydraulic press. However, the use of this method must be based on the same type, the same structure, the same hydraulic principle and the same hydraulic components, so this method has great limitations and relatively blindness.

      The second auxiliary method: With the help of simple auxiliary parts, confirm whether the hydraulic hydraulic components have defects.

      The artificial reversing method uses the ejector rod to reverse the hydraulic valve components, and it can be diagnosed whether the reversing valve appears to be stuck, the valve core is not in place, and other shortcomings. This method can confirm whether the hydraulic components are defective without disassembling the components, avoiding excessive disassembly work, reducing the time for diagnosis of defects, and facilitating rapid diagnosis, especially with regard to defects such as larger oil cylinder seals. Very useful.

      The third experience method: the staff who overhaul the hydraulic cold press can understand the structure and operation principle of each hydraulic component through the hydraulic system theory of the hydraulic press, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the shortcomings of the hydraulic press based on the rich practical experience. , And Huoluo makes a correct diagnosis.




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