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Plywood Machine Automatic Cold Press Machine

This machine is used for the prepress of paved veneers. It can improve the quality of finished products quality.
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Plywood Machine Automatic Cold Press Machine

cold press

cold press

Plywood machine : cold press machine

      The hydraulic presses used in plywood are also known as plywood pre-presses and plywood cold presses. The cold press is also a kind of plywood machine. To shorten the hot pressing cycle and improve the quality of the board, the cold press belongs to the press machine. The cold press machine mainly cold-presses the veneer after the glue-coated preforms for a short period of time to make it preliminarily formed, and then sends it to the hot press machine for the process of hot press bonding. It is an important device to improve the quality of plywood and an important link. The cold press is generally composed of a frame, a fixed beam, a movable beam, a plate-out device, an oil cylinder, a hydraulic system, and an electronic control device.

cold press

cold press

1. The main frame is formed by high-quality international steel plate at one time. The well-designed frame and structure have good rigidity and ensure high pressure.

2. The domestic high-quality oil cylinder is adopted, and the main components are imported hydraulic parts to ensure service life.

3. Fully automatic hydraulic system, precise pressure control, short pressure cycle, high working efficiency.

cold press

All of our plywood machines can be customized according to your prodution requirement.

cold press

cold press


cold press

cold press

cold press

cold press

Pre-sale service

1) Provide the free consultation of equipment 

2) Provide the standard device and the flow chart

3) According to the clients' special requirement ,offering the resonable plan and free design to help to select the equipment .

4)Welcome to visit our factory

Service during the sales

1) Inspect the machine before leaving the factory 

2) Oversea install and debug the equipment

3) Train the first-line operator

After sales service

1) 24 hours online service 

2) Provide the VIDEO with install and debug the equipment

3) Provide technical exchanging

cold press

cold press

7 peoples

We have a professional after-sales service team with 7 professional technicians.There are 300 working days a year to serve customers.


20 years

We have been engaged in woodworking machinery for 20 years and have extensive industry experience.


365 days

We are waiting for your call for 365 days, providing you with services such as purchase and support.


3000 customers

More than 3,000 customers purchase our equipment and are satisfied with the equipment and service.


10000 experiments

Our factory has conducted more than 10,000 innovative experiments since its inception.

Only to produce the most suitable equipment for the customer.

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