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Rotary cutter blade

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The blade plays an important role in the veneer peeling mahcine. Today I will tell you how to improve the wear resistance of rotary cutter tools. The wear resistance of woodworking tools directly affects the use of woodworking machinery. By processing the cutters of the rotary cutting machine, the wear resistance of the cutters can be improved, which not only improves the production efficiency of the plywood veneer peeling machine, but also reduces frequent changes. The damage caused by the knife.

1. Thermal spray treatment: The thermal spray treatment can heat and melt various materials such as metal and alloy, and atomize and spray the material onto the surface of the cutter with high-speed airflow to make the wear resistance of the cutter better.

2. Surface heat treatment: heat treatment of woodworking tools can improve the hardness of the surface and increase the wear resistance of the tool.

3. Infiltration treatment: Through the layering technique, the chemical composition of the surface of the tool can be changed, which can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the tool.

4. Coating treatment: The coating treatment is to apply the refractory metal compound with high abrasion resistance to the surface of the cutter, which can improve the wear resistance of the cutter and the high temperature oxidation resistance. 

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