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The 3rd Global Enterprise Innovation and Development Forum

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        On September 26th, our company's employees went to Qingdao to participate in the third three-day Global Enterprise Innovation and Development Forum.



        This forum not only has well-known domestic entrepreneurs, but also the former Prime Minister of New Zealand and a female entrepreneur in New Zealand. Give us a share of the innovation and development of the company. This study has taught us a lot of knowledge and I have learned a lot about the development of the company.

In order to develop for a long time, enterprises must have scientific research capabilities, have their own core technologies, and have core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Moreover, this technology requires the ability of sustainable research and development, and can be recognized by the market. For this, although our company has obtained a number of patents, we are not satisfied. We analyze the market, listen to the needs of customers, and develop new models to meet the needs of market customers.

        The second is the ability to industrialize, requiring research and development results to have a relative competitive advantage. The full-servo high-speed veneer peeling machine developed by our factory recently can be used for high-speed rotary cutting of various hardness logs, and the cutting speed can reach up to 150 m/min. The installation of the joint surface is fully processed, the whole machine standard parts, the super high power guarantees the high-speed rotary cutting power, the full servo motor guarantees the high-speed rotary cutting precision, the thickened chrome roller, the quenching screw, the boring shaft, the tail plate, the whole machine automatically supplies oil. . Rotary cutting thickness is uniform, size standard, is the mainstream model for export. When the market is launched, it is recognized and loved by customers. Customer recognition is our greatest motivation.

        Every year, the company will provide our employees with many opportunities to go out to study, look at the new technologies in the outside world, absorb the advanced ideas of other companies, and constantly enrich themselves, improve themselves, change themselves and make better through the practice of work. More advanced machines. Serving the world from China is our goal.




  Mr. Abel
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