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Tips for using plywood machines

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plywood machine

No matter what woodworking machinery you are using, if you want to truly exert the functions and efficiency of woodworking machinery, the premise is to understand the performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operation of plywood machine and master the operating skills in use, so as to improve the efficiency of production. Today we first understand the use skills of the rotary veneer peeling machine.

So what details should be paid attention to in the process of using the plywood machine?

First of all, do not wipe, lubricate or maintain the equipment during the operation of the plywood machine when the equipment is in operation, so as to avoid danger; drinking and taking drugs are not allowed during working hours. Before starting, check whether the parts of the plywood machine are normal and whether there are Damaged parts, if necessary, need to be replaced or repaired before use.

After the wood is processed by the rotary veneer peeling  machine, the wooden shaft needs to be removed, but the small wooden shaft cannot be touched by hand, and the wooden stick or other tools should be used to remove it. There must be good habits in the maintenance of the equipment, small maintenance every day, regular maintenance once to ensure that the machine can be used better.

The rotary veneer peeling machine in the plywood machine processes wood through the high-speed rotation. At present, most of them are manually fed. If there are knots, bends or other defects on the wood, it is easy to contact the hand with the blade, which will cause serious as a result. So this requires the operator to be familiar with the performance and operating skills of the equipment itself. There are also wood machines without safety protection devices, which is also the main cause of accidents.

Safety devise for woodworking machinery

The wood machine must have a complete safety device. According to the requirements of the wheel must have a cover, the shaft must have a cover, the saw blade must have a cover, the saw blade must have a cover, the planning must be blocked, and the safety device must be fed. . For equipment that produces noise and dust during production, it is necessary to install noise-absorbing, dust-absorbing or ventilating devices, which can eliminate occupational hazards and ensure the safety and health of operators.

The cutter shaft and electric of the wood machine should have a safety joint control device. This device can cut off the power and keep the disconnected position when loading and unloading or changing the tools so that even if the power switch is pressed by mistake, it will not cause danger.

When processing wood, some wood will rebound. A safe feeding device or a separating knife and anti-rebound safety screen must be used to ensure the safety of the operator. The equipment must also be equipped with an emergency shutdown control button.

Woodworking machinery must increase the amount of safety installed in a targeted manner, so as to ensure the safety of operators and promote efficient production. Operating skills are slowly accumulated in the course of normal use, and are also related to everyone's operating habits. Simplifying complex things is a skill.

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