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Veneer dryer installation and performance

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veneer dryer

       Many people don't know much about veneer dryer. Today, let's first understand "how to install a veneer dryer and what are the performances of a veneer dryer. I hope you can learn more about the veneer dryer." learn.


      1. The veneer dryer should be installed behind the air storage tank and the cooler and in front of the air drying pipe.


      2. The diameter of all pipes of the veneer dryer needs to be the same as the diameter of the inlet and outlet of the equipment, or slightly larger than the diameter. The length of the pipe should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the bending of the pipeline.


      3. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the desiccant, a shock-proof high-pressure hose veneer can be installed when necessary. How to install the veneer dryer Install the air valve in a place that is convenient for maintenance and operation.


      4. The power supply voltage of the veneer dryer equipment should not exceed the rated voltage value.


      What are the performance of the veneer dryer?


      1. The veneer dryer can carry out mass production planning, and the added value of the product has been effectively guaranteed.


      2. The heat conversion rate of the veneer dryer is high, the energy consumption is small, and the drying cost is relatively low.


      3. The use and maintenance of the veneer dryer is relatively simple, and the stability is effectively guaranteed.


      4. The veneer dryer occupies a small area, which effectively saves land resources.


      5. The drying process of the veneer dryer greatly reduces the damage rate.

       After understanding the installation and performance of the dryer, there are three things to pay attention to when using the dryer.


      1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the pipeline of the veneer dryer, and its wind speed must be higher than the minimum flow rate of the material, so that there will be no dust deposition in the pipeline. If there is dust deposition, it will make the broken section of the pipe smaller and the wind speed will increase, so that there will be no dust deposition.


      2. In the process of using the veneer dryer, when there is no dust deposition, such a pipe diameter is the most reasonable.


      3. The minimum flow rate mainly depends on the nature of the dust, as well as the section of the pipe and the angle of inclination. Of course, it is not that the higher the flow rate, the better, there will be some negative effects.


      The above content is about the installation and precautions of the dryer. I hope it can help you and avoid problems in the veneer dryer and affect the use.




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