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Veneer peeling machine motor

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veneer peeling motor

Electric machinery, commonly known as "motor." It refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes electric energy conversion or transmission according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate drive torque as a power source for various machines. It is important that the veneer peeling machine selects the right motor.

The motor used on our veneer peeling machine can be divided into two types: ordinary motor and servo motor.

veneer peeling motor


The ordinary motor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient to use and maintenance, safe and reliable operationlow cost. It has characteristic of high operating efficiency and good working, which can meet the requirements of most customers. However, the speed regulation performance of ordinary motors is relatively poor, and the precision is relatively weak.

veneer peeling motor


Servo motors are mainly used in digital control systems, where high control accuracy is required. The servo motor is mainly positioned by pulse. When the servo motor receives one pulse, it will rotate the angle corresponding to one pulse to realize the displacement. Because the servo motor has the function of emitting pulses, every angle of the servo motor rotates. Send a corresponding number of pulses, so that the pulse received by the servo motor forms an echo, or closed loop, so that the system knows how many pulses are sent to the servo motor, and at the same time, how many pulses are received, so very precise control of the rotation of the motor for precise positioning.

There are many advantages of servo motors, such as:

1.Accuracy: realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out of step. Speed and positional accuracy are very accurate.

2. Fast speed, short acceleration and deceleration process: high speed performance, general rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm.

3. Strong adaptability: It has strong anti-overload capability and can withstand three times the rated torque. It is especially suitable for occasions with transient load fluctuations and quick start.

4.Good stability: stable operation at low speed, suitable for occasions with high speed response requirements.

5.Timeliness: The dynamics of motor acceleration and deceleration are short, usually within tens of milliseconds.

6. Comfort: fever and noise are significantly reduced.

If the requirements for production quality are relatively high, it is recommended to use a servo motor. Because the overall performance is relatively high, the cost of the servo motor is higher than that of the ordinary motor. Customers can choose according to their own production requirements.

Whether it is log debarker, veneer peeling machine. Veneer stacker, choose the right one for you is the best.




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