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Veneer peeling machine other characteristics

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        After introducing the details of the veneer peeling machine, this time introduces other features of the machine.


       1. The equipment adopts the method of two rollers fixed and the cutter body moves along the parallel guide rail. The cutter body base is moved horizontally by two feed screws.

        2. With the advanced numerical control system, the feed speed can be calculated according to the diameter of the cutting wood, the speed of the friction roller, the thickness of the required and so on , so that the thickness is uniform.

        3. The structure of the knife body is automatically adjusted to automatically adjust the distance between the single roller and the rotary cutter. The knife seam automatic adjustment function has a large thickness adjustment range, and the flatness of the rotary cutting board is greatly improved.

        4. The perfect protection function has the function of missing phase current, overload protection , over current protection and over voltage protection.

        5. The equipment adopts feed screw propulsion, and has the characteristics of small clearance and no fan-shaped plate.6. Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation and high production efficiency.

        7. Automatic speed down when peeling end

        8. There is no drive shaft design at the exit plate to make operation easier.

Remarks: Maximum operating altitudebelow 1000 meters(exceeding this height,100 meters per increase, and 1% reduction in rated current).

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