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Veneer peeling machine reasons for checking the parts

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Things in the world are made up of whole and part. The different parts make up a whole. The same is true for plywood veneer rotary cutting machines. Plywood veneer peeling  machine has many parts, such as: screw, motor, reducer, slide and slider, rotary cutter, knife holder and so on. If one of the parts is damaged, it will affect the function of the rotary cutter. It will reduce the accuracy of the rotary cutting machine, which will affect the quality of the veneer, such as the aesthetics and flatness of the veneer. The effects of wear on the various components of the rotary cutter are as follows:

1.The feed screw or nut wear block will loosen, and the thickness of the veneer will be inconsistent.

2. Wear of the card shaft and the bushing will loosen the shaft, which will cause the rotation to be non-circular, and also cause the thickness of the veneer to be inconsistent.

3. The wear of the main slide will change the cutting angle of the rotary cutter during the rotary cutting, resulting in the thickness of the outer slab, the inner ring being thin, or the sheet being uneven, and the undulation is formed.

4. The pressure gauge frame or the tool holder surface is seriously worn, and horizontal sliding will occur. When the rotary cutting, the wood will push the pressure gauge back, which increases the gap of the knife door, causing the pressure of the pressure gauge to the single board to be insufficient, and the rotary cutting board Rough.

5. If the single-roller bearing is damaged, the slide screw loosening and falling off will directly affect the unbalanced and unsteady feed, and the feed will not be uniform, resulting in inconsistent thickness at both ends of the wooden shaft, and the plate surface is fan-shaped.

6. The blade is not straight, resulting in a thin and uneven cross section of the board.

Therefore, after using the rotary cutting machine for a period of time, it should be checked regularly whether the parts are worn or not, whether the screws are loose or falling off, and each shift must be seriously responsible. It is necessary to replace the damaged screws and parts in time to avoid turning small problems into big problems.

In addition to carefully checking the wear and tear of each component, the operator of the rotary cutter should check whether the handle position is correct before starting the machine, and check whether the tension of the belt and the chain is appropriate. If you need to leave the device during operation, be sure to turn off the power before leaving. Keep your spirit at work and wear protective equipment.

Adjust the thickness of the rotary cut and turn it on again. The thickness of the rotary cut cannot be adjusted while the machine is running. If there is a problem with the machine during operation, stop it immediately and turn off the power. At the end of the work, turn off the power and clean the area around the unit.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment is to ensure the normal use and safety of the machine and to avoid downtime and unnecessary losses.




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