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Veneer peeling machine troubleshooting

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        We are a professional manufacturer of plywood veneer equipment such as log sawing machine, debarker, and rotary cutting machines.  Today, we will use CS-8D2S2G11S as an example to list some frequently encounter troubles and troubleshooting methods.


Electrical parts:

        1. The feeding motor runs well, the rollers don't rotate, and the touch screen shows encoder malfunction. This problem maybe results in the poor connection of the double roller and the encoder, or the damage of the encoder. You need to reconnect the encoder or replace it.

        2. The feed motor does not rotate, and the rollers run well. This problem occurs because the cross switch is damaged. Need to replace the cross switch.

        3. The friction roller does not run; the AC contactor is damaged. Need to replace the AC contactor.

Mechanical adjustment part:

        1. The veneer suddenly becomes thinner during the rotary cutting process. This happens because the lead screw is short of oil, and we need to lubricate the lead screw.

        2. Scythe or skipping knife. This situation needs to be checked one by one in four places. First, check if the seam is too large. If the blade is too large, you need to reduce the seam. Next check if the height of the edge is too low and then re-adjust the knife height. Then check the angle of the rotary cutter to correct the grinding angle and re-grind the rotary cutter. After eliminating the three reasons above, check whether the heights of the two ends of the rotary cutter are the same. If they are inconsistent, re-adjust, and fix.

        3. The board is inclined (fan). Under normal circumstances, there are three reasons for this. First, check if the seams are consistent and re-adjust. Secondly, check whether the two ends of the single friction roller and the double friction roller are consistent. If the inconsistency needs to be re-adjusted (the values are consistent before leaving the factory, the user may cause inconsistency in the process of repairing the friction roller, and the item needs to be checked). The difference is that the double rolls are 34 mm higher than the single rolls (measured when the knives are opened until the single and double rolls are brought together). In the third case, the distance between the two ends of the table and the ends of the double friction roller is inconsistent (measurement can be found). In this case, the drive shaft needs to be separated, the spiral bevel is pulled, and if necessary, contact us.

Comprehensive part:

        1. The sheet has poor smoothness. Can check three places. First of all, see if the seam is too large. If it is too large, adjust the seam according to the working current. The second is to check if the rotary cutter is over the shield and then grind it. Finally, check if the knife height is too low and re-fix the knife height.

        2. The board has poor uniformity. This happens because the knife height is wrong and you need to re-fix the knife height. If there is no problem with the knife height, check if the rotary cutter is over the shield, and then re-grind the rotary cutter. After eliminating the two conditions, check if the slit is too small and re-adjust the slit.

The above part is a summary based on the problems encountered by the customer when using the machine. I hope that it will help you in the process of using the machine. Feel free to contact us if you have other technical questions.




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