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What is a sanding machine

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sanding machine

Sanding machine, also known as polishing machine, is a kind of plywood machine. It is a device for surface restoring treatment of articles, which belongs to cutting processing. Especially in the manufacture and production of plywood, the surface of the plywood has problems such as seam glue strips, burr grooves, etc., which affects the aesthetics of the board surface, so the plywood must be processed by a plywood sanding machine before leaving the factory.

There are two methods for surface processing of plywood: scraping and sanding, and two methods of scraping and sanding. The scraping production efficiency is low, the processing object is limited, and it is rarely used. Sanding is a commonly used machine used in the plywood industry to improve the surface quality of plates. Sanding is the use of sharp sand as a cutting tool for surface processing of plywood. The wide-band sander currently used provides ideal equipment for the plywood finishing.

In the process of plywood processing, the function and role of sanding mainly have two aspects. One is to carry out precise geometric size processing, that is, to perform fixed thickness processing on artificial boards and various solid wood plates to reduce thickness size errors. The second is to modify the surface of the veneer to obtain a flat and smooth decorative surface to achieve the best decorative effect. The former generally adopts fixed-thickness sanding processing method, and the latter adopts quantitative sanding processing method. According to the characteristics and requirements of the production process of wood products, as well as the use requirements of the finished product, determine the sanding method.

Fixed-thickness sanding is generally used in the preparation stage of collective mining, which is an effective correction for the thickness and size errors of raw materials. Quantitative sanding is mainly for fine processing of the surface of the processed plate to improve the surface finish and quality of the plate.

In terms of processing effect, the processing amount of fixed-thickness sanding is large, the sanding layer is thick, and the roughness of the surface after processing is large, but the thickness size obtained is accurate. The processing amount of quantitative sanding is small, the sanding layer is relatively thin, and the surface roughness of the veneer after processing is small, but the thickness and size of the board are not accurate.




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