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What is plywood machine?

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Plywood machine refers to machinery that rotates logs into veneers with a rotary cutting machine, and then arranges the veneers perpendicular to each other in the fiber direction to glue, press, sand and complete a series of processes. So, what exactly do these plywood machines include?


15 Layers Plywood Laminating Hot Press Machine


  • What is plywood

  • What are the plywood machine


1.What is plywood

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material that is formed by rotating a section of wood into veneer or sliced into thin wood and then glued with an adhesive. It is usually an odd number of veneers and adjacent veneers. The fibers are glued perpendicular to each other. Generally speaking, plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture. It is one of the three major wood-based panels. It can also be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packaging boxes. A group of veneers is usually formed by gluing a group of billets perpendicular to each other according to the wood grain direction of adjacent layers. Usually, the surface board and the inner layer boards are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the center layer or the board core. Slabs made of glued veneers are criss-crossed according to the direction of wood grain and pressed under heating or non-heating conditions. The number of layers is generally odd, and a few have even numbers. The difference in physical and mechanical properties in the vertical and horizontal directions is small. Commonly used plywood types are plywood, plywood, etc. which need to be manufactured by a series of plywood machines.


2. What are the plywood machine?

According to the production process of plywood, plywood machines include the following:

(1) Rotary cutting machine(veneer peeling machine). Rotary cutting machine(veneer peeling machine) is a plywood machine that specializes in cutting trees into veneer, and it is also the first process for making plywood. In general, rotary veneer and plywood are separated, that is to say, plywood veneer is a factory, and plywood is a another factory. There are many types of rotary cutters, but the whole can be divided into two categories: spindle rotary cutters and spindle less rotary cutters.

(2) Shearing cutting machine. The shearing cutting machine machine is a plywood machine that cuts out the veneer that has been cut into certain specifications. There are three types of manual, foot and electric. Manual shearing cutting machine is a common way of guillotine, with low investment and low efficiency. The foot movement is flexible and convenient, and the investment is not large, but only one piece of leather can be used at a time, so the efficiency is not high. Electric shearing cutting machine can be dozens of skins at a time, the investment is slightly larger, but the efficiency is high, and certain conditions are required for use. Manual shearing cutting machine and electric shearing cutting machine are suitable for spindle less rotary cutting machine, while card rotary cutter is more flexible to use foot moving guillotine.

(3) Veneer composer machine. When producing plywood, plywood, multi-layer boards, floor substrates, craft furniture boards, architectural laminates, container boards, joinery boards, the board area is small, and multiple boards need to be spliced longitudinally.

(4) Veneer dryer. The veneer drying machine is a plywood machine that spins the veneer after drying, and its purpose is to reduce the moisture content of the veneer, so as to facilitate the application of glue when making plywood. Current veneer drying machine include: mesh belt dryer, roller dryer, veneer drying box, press-type veneer dryer, chimney evaporation drying equipment, etc.

(5) Glue making equipment. The glue making equipment is a plywood machine that manufactures glue for plywood. In general, there are professional manufacturers of glue making, and only a few manufacturers make their own. You must have dedicated workshop and professional technical personnel for your own manufacturing, so it is not recommended to manufacture yourself.

(6) Glue mixer machine. The glue mixer machine is a device for blending plywood glue. Because plywood glue is not necessarily suitable, additives are needed for blending. Therefore, this equipment needs to specifically adjust the viscosity of the glue.

(7) Glue spreading machine. The glue spreading machine is a device to glue the veneer. After the veneer is glued, it is laid by the boardworker to a certain thickness to apply pressure. Commonly used gluing machines are three-roller and four-roller, and there are two types of 1.3 meters and 2.6 meters according to the length.

(8) Pre-pressing machine: The pre-pressing machine is also called cold-pressing machine. It is a device for pre-pressing the plywood finished by the boardworker to the basic thickness in advance. There are two types of top-mounted and bottom-mounted machines.

(9) Hot pressing machine: The hot pressing machine is a main process in the manufacturing process of plywood, and it is also the most important plywood machine. This process directly affects the quality of plywood.


The above is a series of brief introductions to plywood machines. If you need to purchase the products, or have other questions, you can conduct further consultation through our website.




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