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What is plywood making machine?

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Plywood making machines are machines used by factories to make plywood. They have a wide variety and a wide range of uses, bringing great efficiency to the factory's wood processing and production. Therefore, this article will use the plywood hot press as the representative of the plywood making machine to specifically introduce the plywood making machine.

Hot Press Machine For Veneer Laminating Plywood


  • How plywood is made

  • Plywood hot press


1. How is plywood made?

Plywood is a kind of wood-based artificial board formed by combining three or more layers (generally odd) veneers and gluing the fiber direction of adjacent veneers vertically. It is made by a series of plywood making machines. Plywood has been widely used in construction, furniture, carriages, shipbuilding, military industry, packaging and other industrial sectors due to its advantages of large format, small deformation, low warpage, large transverse tensile strength, and convenient construction and application.


2. Plywood hot press

Plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in the plywood making machine. It is the equipment used for hot pressing and gluing of the slab after the glue combination. Therefore, this article introduces the plywood hot press as the representative of the plywood making machine. Generally speaking, different types of plywood have different requirements for the performance of hot presses. The pressure required for the manufacture of ordinary plywood, aviation plywood, plastic plywood, wood laminated plastic board, and ship plywood increases in sequence. This kind of plywood making machine is divided into two types: periodic type and continuous type according to the operation mode. The periodic multi-layer hot pressing machine is commonly used in China. It consists of three major parts: the body of the hot press, the control drive part (hydraulic system and electronic control system), and the heating system.


The performance of plywood hot press has some characteristics. This kind of plywood making machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used as a hot-press puzzle or as a common veneer. With automatic feeding table and discharging table. Can achieve the effect of continuous work. Save work cycle, easy and reliable operation. Plywood bonding refers to the process of board culture under a certain temperature and pressure, after a period of time, to complete the curing process of the adhesive layer, in this process, the protein glue gradually solidifies, and the resin glue molecules gradually condense, and finally form a body structure Big molecule. During the gluing process, in order to facilitate infiltration, the adhesive is generally applied (or sprayed) to the surface of the bonded material in a liquid state. Liquid adhesives have almost no compressive strength. Therefore, after the liquid adhesive infiltrates the surface of the adherend, it must be transformed into a solid by an appropriate method to withstand the force. The process of turning the adhesive of the adhesive into a solid state by various methods is called curing. Solvent-based adhesives, emulsion-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives can be solidified by physical methods such as solvent evaporation, emulsion aggregation and melt cooling. For the thermosetting adhesive, it is chemically polymerized into a polymer solid. In glued products, the adhesive must be kept at a certain temperature and pressure for a period of time.


I hope that through this article you can have a certain understanding of plywood making machines, especially plywood hot presses, and can bring some help to your purchase and production.




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