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500T Hydraulic cold press machine for plywood making

  • CS-LY-2

  • Changsheng

  • 8456920000

500T Cold Press Machine with Upper Cylinder

cold press machine

cold press machine

      The plywood cold press machine is the auxiliary in the plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of the hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing board. Plywood cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine. Plywood cold press machine is mainly used to press the gluing veneer, so that make the initial shape, and then into the hot press machine to press. It is important to improve the quality of plywood, and it is a significant part. Plywood cold press machine in general consists of the rack, fixed beam, moving beam, the plate device, cylinder, and hydraulic system, electric control device components. 

cold press machine

cold press machine

plywood cold machine

cold press machine

plywood cold press machine

Pre-sale services:

We provide best service according to your demand, such as prophase plan, examine on the spot, process flow design , customized equipment, design solution for complete production lines and operator training etc.

Service during the sales: 

Send technicians to the customer's factory to install and debug the machine on site, train operators for free and you can also come to our factory to learn for free.

After-sale services:

We provide one year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replancements can be shipped to your right away.  

plywood cold press machine


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