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Different Types of Veneer Peeling Machine

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Veneer peeling machines are widely used in wood processing factories and some decoration work. Therefore, in order to meet our production requirements, it is very important to choose the right machine. This article will mainly introduce the types of veneer peeling machines.


Rotary Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine 4 Feet Spindle less High Speed


  • What is Veneer peeling machine

  • The spindle veneer peeling machine      

  • The spindle less veneer peeling machine


1. What is Veneer peeling machine?

Our usual requirements for peeling machines are: high productivity, low wood loss, advanced technology, simple and reliable structure, with easy operation, etc., and taking into account the differences in factors such as tree species, curvature, bark morphology, etc. We have developed many types of peeling machines nowadays.

Veneer peeling machine is a lathe used to produce veneer. It performs rotary peeling through the relative movement between the clamping shafts that clamp the ends of the wood and the rotary knife that peeling the wood. That is, the wooden segment makes a fixed-axis rotary motion, and the rotary knife makes a lateral feed motion. The blade is parallel to the wood fiber and cut perpendicular to the length direction of the wood fiber to obtain a continuous strip-shaped veneer. In order to spin out the high-quality veneer, the proper cutting conditions should be ensured during the rotary cutting, such as the main angle parameters, cutting speed, the position of the rotary knife and the position of the pressure bar. The determination of these conditions depends on the tree species, diameter, precision of the rotary cutter, the thickness of the veneer peeling machine and the wood hydrothermal treatment.


2. The spindle veneer peeling machine

Spindle veneer cutting machine is the main equipment for plywood production. It is used to convert a segment of wood of a certain length and diameter into a continuous strip of veneer. The performance and operation of spindle veneer strippers are closely related to the performance and quality of plywood. Veneer washer is divided into spindle lathe and spindleless spindle washer. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, flexible adjustment, and stable performance. 

3. The spindle less veneer peeling machine

Spindleless veneer peeling machine is one of the plywood production systems. It applies to veneer peeling machines without card rolls. Suitable for continuing to cut the veneer by rotary cutting the remaining wood core on the spindle veneer peeling machine. Used to throw small diameter wood (700mm in diameter) on plywood. Spindleless spindle removal machine mainly consists of frame, double roller system, single roller system, knife holder, gear train and'electric system. Spindleless veneer stripper is different from the conventional design of mechanically mounted long axis rotary knives and hydraulically mounted rotary knives. There are no tension shafts that hold the wood segments and generate rotational motion on the shaftless rotary knife. The rotational motion of the wood segment is driven by a friction roller or tooth roller on the outer circumference of the wood segment. During rotary cutting, two friction rollers always apply uniform pressure along the entire length of the wood section.


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