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Drying of plates

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veneer dryer

Most boards after rotary cutting contain some moisture, which needs to be dried in later wood processing. Otherwise, it will cause a series of problems such as deformation, mildew and cracking in wood products. Therefore, the drying of wood by the dryer is an important part. The quality of this link directly affects the quality of the product throughout the production process.

What are the advantages of the veneer after drying? First, reduce the moisture content of the veneer and suppress the deformation, mildew, cracking, etc. of the wood; second, improve the mechanical processing and decorative properties of the wood.

The laminated dryer machine, vertical dryer machine and roller dryer machine produced by our factory can meet the needs of most customers.

        First introduce the laminated dryer machine: the machine has the characteristics of low cost, small footprint and convenient operation. The surface of the dry veneer is smooth.

       Vertical dryer machine: used for continuous drying of core board, easy to operate and maintain. Compared with the roller dryer, the energy consumption is 30% lower, and the equipment price is 40% lower. Small footprint.

       Roller dryer machine: dried veneer with smooth surface and uniform moisture content.

       So how to choose the dryer that suits you? Let's first understand what are the factors that affect the drying of the veneer?

The main factors affecting the drying of the veneer are the drying medium and the conditions of the veneer itself.

The influence of the drying medium is mainly the following: 1. The influence of hot air temperature; 2. The influence of hot air relative humidity; 3. The influence of hot air wind speed; 4. The influence of hot air spray mode.

The influence of the veneer's own conditions is mainly: 1. the influence of tree species and tax content; 2. the influence of veneer thickness.

If you do nt know how to choose, you can contact us, we can provide you with a complete plywood production solution according to your requirements.




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