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Vertical Core Veneer Dryer For Plywood

CS-LHG1 Dryer can use chain to bring veneer or finished board into the drying room for circulating drying.
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Vertical  Core Veneer Dryer For Plywood 

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Plywood machine : vertical  veneer dryer

      This machine is used for drying  peeled veneer in the veneer production line, it consists of inlet , drying area, cooling area, outlet, its drying size can be customzied according to your need(capacity, technology and working space).

      This machine is used for the continuous drying of core veneer, easy to operate and maintance.The energy consumption of this dryer is 30 percent lower than roller dryer.And the cost is 40 percent lower than roller dryer. Less ground area occupation.

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       vertical veneer dryer:use the chain to bring the veneer or finished board into the drying room for circulating drying.

     The vertical veneer dryer is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of many previous veneer dryers after years of market research. Our dryer features:

      1. The drying cost is low. The drying cost of this vertical dryer is less than 7.2$/M⊃3;, which is 30-60% of the drying cost of other dryers;

      2. The drying output is high, and the vertical plywood method increases the loading capacity of the veneer, which is 30-80% higher than that of other dryers;

      3. The equipment cost is low. Our company has reduced the production loss of raw and auxiliary materials and improved the working efficiency through the standardization and modular production of the vertical dryer parts.

      4. This equipment needs to be assembled on the customer's factory site, so this equipment can be installed according to the customer's specific location requirements.

Veneer dryer

veneer dryer

Working width MM 2800
Heating length MM 9set*2000mm=18000mm
Veneer feeding section length MM 3300
Veneer   output section length
Dehumidifier motor KW 1.5kw*4=6kw
Transmission   motor total power KW 4 kw Frequency   conversion
Blower motor KW 2.2kw*9=19.8kw
Total power KW 29.8
Transmission speed M/MIN 0-3
Radiator   size MM (L)1900*(W)200*(H)900
Radiator Qty SET 9
Heating   medium
steam/Conduction oil 
Drying temperature 60-160
Heat   energy consumption KCAL/H 60000
Veneer thickness MM 1.0-4.0
Veneer   initial moisture content % 40
Veneer   final moisture content % 5
Production   Capacity CBM/H 2
Machine   size MM (L)25300*(W)3400*(H)3800
Machine   weight KG 20000

     All our plywood machine can be customized according to your production requirement.

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product packaging and shipping

veneer dryer

veneer dryer

veneer dryer

Our service


1.Free consultation about the equipment.
2.Reasonable purchasing plan and the production line designing plan are offered according to the clients' special requirment to help you to select the most suitable ma.chinery.
3.Welcome to visit our factory and check our machine
1.We inspect and test the machine before delivery.
2.We are willing to freely tran your technicist and first-line operator.
1.Engineers are available to service overseas.
2.Videos about installing and debuging the equipment.

Veneer dryer

      After more than 20 years of continuous development, Changsheng Wood Industry Machinery has become a modern company integrating design, development, production and installation of plywood production machinery.

      The main products are veneeer peeling machine (rotary cutting machines), log debarker(log rounding machines), veneer stackers,cutter grinder( knife sharpeners )and veneer dryers(veneer drying) and other related equipment. And our company can provide customers with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.

     High-quality product quality and intimate customer service are the biggest responsibility of Changsheng Wood Industry Machinery to each customer. The company provides 24-hour service for customers. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "survive by quality and develop by innovation". The products have been exported to more than 30 countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Gabon. And regions, and won wide recognition and praise from domestic and foreign customers.

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