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How does the noise of the spindle veneer peeling machine produce

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spindle veneer peeling machine

      The spindle veneer peeling  machine is the main equipment of the plywood production line. It is widely used in the plywood industry. Like most machinery, long-term use of the spindle veneer peeling machine may cause minor problems, such as when the card peeling machine is running. The noise appears. Let me introduce to you the reasons for the noise in the work of the spindle veneer peeing machine.

1. One problem that is prone to the spindle veneer peeling machine is the noise of the bearing and the bearing part in the continuous heating. The reason for this problem must be determined. The rotor of the motor and the rotor of the wood flour machine are not concentric, which will make the bearing bear additional load impact, resulting in overheating of the bearing, which causes the bearing to make a lot of noise during the continuous heating.

2. The ring die of the spindle veneer peeling  machine is blocked, or only part of the die hole is discharged. Foreign matter enters the ring die, the ring die is out of round, the gap between the pressure roller and the pressure die is too tight, the pressure roller is worn or the pressure roller bearing is damaged and cannot rotate, which will cause mechanical vibration (check or replace the ring die, adjust the gap between the pressure rollers).

3. The coupling of the spindle veneer peeling machine is unbalanced, the height is deviated from left to right, the machine will vibrate, and the gear shaft oil seal is easy to damage (the coupling must be calibrated to the horizontal line).

4. The main shaft of the spindle veneer peeling machine is not tightened. If the main shaft is loose, it will cause axial movement back and forth, the pressure roller swings obviously, the mechanical noise is large, there is vibration, and the work is difficult (the butterfly spring and round nut at the tail of the main shaft need to be tightened).

Everyone knows that the peeling machine will cause the wear of some parts when it is working for a long time, which will cause it to not work efficiently. Therefore, we should perform proper maintenance on it when it is not working, but it is not only After maintenance, it is enough, but also pay attention to:

      1. Read the product manual carefully before use, and fully understand the function and use of the rotary cutting machine before installing and debugging.

      2. Before starting the veneer peeling machine machine, check all parts carefully, all fasteners should be in a reliable locked state, and there is no blocking phenomenon of rotating parts.

      3. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls in the rotary cutting machine should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions.

      4. No one should stand between the two rollers of the rotary cutter.

      5. The lubricating parts of the rotary cutting machine should be filled with lubricating oil regularly. Except the servo motor box, the other transmission boxes should be filled with lubricating grease.

      In summary, when using the rotary cutting machine, the operator should carefully read the instruction manual and fully understand the rotary cutting machine before installing, adjusting and using it. If the position of the rear limit switch changes due to other reasons, please re-adjust the position of the photoelectric switch according to the size marked on the machine data plate. The small problems that occur in the operation of the card rotary cutting machine need to be paid attention to, and sometimes directly affect the normal operation of the rotary cutting machine equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the working efficiency of the rotary cutting machine, we must pay attention to the inspection before using it, and pay more attention to the maintenance in daily life.




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