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Hydraulic log debarker machine

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log debarker

Log debarker machine is one of the main equipments for plywood production. It is divided into log debarker machine with spindle and round finding machine without spindle (hydraulic log debarker machine without spindle and Large gear log debarker machine) Hydraulic wood debarker machine is a relatively common type of woodworking machinery. The current log debarker machine usually has good use advantages and prominent features in structure. Generally speaking, the structure characteristics of this wood debarker machine are mainly The following:

1. The cutter head is controlled by hydraulic pressure, with advanced structure and reliable performance.

  2. The feeding mechanism uses stepless speed change, which also has good peeling effect on hard-to-peel trees such as frozen wood, curved wood, eucalyptus, alder, and elm.

  3. High peeling purity, high productivity and less wood damage.

  4. It adopts four-sided cutting tool, which is convenient to use and low in cost.

The main performance characteristics of hydraulic log debarker machine are:

1. There is an active feeding guide at the discharge end, which makes it difficult to clamp the saw blade, which improves the smoothness of feeding.

2. Relative band saw has high processing efficiency, high precision, easy and simple operation, and low technical requirements for operators, which makes up for the shortcomings of low band saw processing accuracy, low efficiency and high operating technology.

3. The headstock advance and retreat rails and feed rails are selected for manual lubrication pump oil supply, which prolongs the life of the rails. Moreover, the saw blade cooling device is not easy to burn the saw blade and prolongs the saw blade life.

4. It is used for longitudinal sawing of small-diameter logs, and multiple sheets can be sawn out once in and out according to the preset size. It is widely used in the cutting process of small-diameter round logs of blockboards and finger joint boards. .

5.Double-row sharp tooth chain feeding, simple and economical maintenance.

To improve the working efficiency of round-finding machines,manufacturers of round-finding machines recommend the following three points:

1.Proper and proper maintenance of the equipment can improve the efficiency of the round-finding machine. The maintenance of the equipment of the round-finding machine needs to adhere to the principle of both maintenance and prevention. According to the different performance and use requirements of the equipment, daily overhaul, intermediate repair, minor repair work and other emergency repairs are performed.

2. The easy-wearing parts of the round-finding machine include the feed screw, nut, clamping shaft and sleeve of the knife holder, the main slideway and slider, the scale holder and the knife holder. The wear of these parts will reduce the accuracy of the equipment and affect the quality of the board. For example, the thickness of the board is uneven, uneven, wavy, and the board is rough and damaged. Therefore, we need to carry out timely inspection on the parts that often have problems.

    3. Whether the rounding machine motor can run normally needs to check the power control line, so as to ensure the normal running of the rounding machine. The round-finisher automatically retracts the knife. If it can't, you must shut down the machine to solve the knife-return maintenance line, so that the problem of knife-return can be handled well.

The use of the wood debarker machine now not only improves the precision and quality of veneer production, but also increases the efficiency and automation of production. The diameter of the rotary cut is small and no gear change is required, and the precision of the rotary cut is higher. The new round wood peeling and rounding machine is not affected by the use of rounding machines for different types of wood. The thickness and smoothness of the board surface are good. The rounding machine is simple to use and saves electricity.

After using the round finding machine for a period of time, regular maintenance and repairs are required, otherwise the service life of the round finding machine will be shortened. Generally, there are two points to pay attention to when maintaining this kind of equipment:

1. When using the product, you need to carefully protect each part of the product, and you need to apply smooth oil to the parts of the rounding machine, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. If the appearance of the veneer is not flat, you must check whether the blade of the machine is flat, whether it is bent or whether the blade is sharp. If it is not sharp, remove it and grind it with a stone grinder, and then adjust the knife position.

2. If the components of the product are worn out, they need to be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The log debarker maintenance work must be done well. Good maintenance and correct use of the machine can ensure the normal operation of the machine.




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