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Installation and commissioning of the cutter grinder machine

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cutter/knife grinder machine

knife/cutter grinder machine

      Knife/cutter grinder are mainly used in knife sharpening centers, forestry industry, plywood production, printing plants, paper and plastics, book printing centers, medium-sized knives and other enterprises.

      The installation and debugging of the kinfe/cutter grinder equipment will affect the performance of the sharpener. Factors such as the design, material, specific operation of the sharpener, and the production process of the sharpener will affect the safety of the equipment and the entire production process of the knife/cutter grinder. Incorrect installation of the sharpener can cause various production quality problems. For example, the knife/cutter grinder machine produces abrasion and so on. The debugging work after installation is the guarantee for the normal performance of the sharpener. Therefore, we need to follow the following requirements when installing the knife/cutter grinder machine:

      The installation of the knife/cutter grinder machine should pay attention to stability and prevent vibration, and all fasteners should be firmly connected. The sharpening disc should rotate smoothly to prevent jumping and swinging. Otherwise, the blade will not be sharp and jagged edges will appear.

      Do a good job in the alignment of the kinfe/cutter grinder  equipment. After the installation of the kinfe/cutter grinder equipment is completed, the staff must do a good job in aligning the equipment. During the installation process, although a crane was used to place the equipment within the allowable range, the location was not accurate. Therefore, the staff must do a good job in aligning the equipment.

      The kinfe/cutter grinder  disc of the sharpening machine should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise the blade will not be sharpened. The position of the sharpener should be 6mm away from the disk surface and in the middle of the disk surface radius. The position of the sharpener is incorrect, which can easily cause eccentric wear of the blade. The length of the boom also affects and shortens the sharpening stroke, thereby sharpening the knife. Mechanically driven pencil sharpener and triangle belt should have proper tension to ensure that the sharpener reaches the rated speed. The low speed of the sharpening disc affects the sharpening effect. There is too much emery in the abrasive composition, and a thick layer of emery is blown off the edge of the blade, which is easy to wear and the blade is not easy to sharpen. There is too little silicon carbide in the abrasive, the blade is not easy to sharpen, the blade has a long grinding time and is easy to deform.

      In order to ensure that the kinfe/cutter grinder  equipment does not have any problems during the formal operation, a trial operation is required. Through the trial operation of the knife sharpener, problems in the installation process can be found in time to ensure that the kinfe/cutter grinder machine can meet the production requirements.

After the kinfe/cutter grinder machine is installed, proper debugging is also to further test the quality of the equipment and minimize equipment failures. In other words, the commissioning work of the sharpener is the last link in checking the quality of the equipment.

       How to use the knife sharpener:

      1. Put the kinfe/cutter grinder machine on a level and stable surface;

      2, insert the power plug of the kinfe/cutter grinder machine into the power socket (220V-50HZ);

      3. Press down the switch of the kinfe/cutter grinder machine, the motor will drive the grinding wheel to run at high speed;

     4. Hold the handle of the knife with your hand, align the edge of the knife with the "V"-shaped groove and place it down. After placing it at the bottom, pull the knife out evenly and grind it back and forth 3-4 times. (Note: When putting the knife down , The blade close to the handle should be as far forward as possible, so that the entire blade can be sharpened);

      5. Choose rough grinding and fine grinding according to the sharpness of your blade. When your knife is blunt, you can sharpen it first and then fine-grind it. This can shorten the sharpening time and make the machine use longer. When your knife is not very blunt, just fine-grind it. (Note: Pay special attention to the sharpening process. When the knife is stuck on the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel cannot rotate, you must first pull out the knife and let the machine move normally. Sharpen the knife again, otherwise it will damage the machine);

      6. After finishing the work of the kinfe/cutter grinder machine, turn off the machine and unplug the power supply;

      7. Clean the tabletop of the sharpener and the knife cutting of the machine, and finish the sharpening.




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