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Introduction and maintenance of plywood hot press machine control system

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hot press machine

The  plywood hot press machine is one of the equipments for processing veneer and boards. This equipment uses high temperature and high pressure to shape the veneer. Today, the editor will mainly tell you about the control system of this equipment.

The control system of the  plywood hot press machine: dual control, manual operation and automatic control are used together. Just press a button to complete the whole set of hot pressing plate rising, closing, pressurizing, pressure maintaining, timing and hot pressing plate descending. The program is convenient and easy to operate. Regarding the protection of the  plywood hot press machine: the exposed pipes of the heat source are protected by a protective net, and the balance device and the gear rack are protected by thin plate bending and welding.

plywood hot press machine

Accuracy and temperature control requirements of the   plywood hot press machine: the veneer hot press needs to be cleaned regularly during the working process, which can effectively extend the service life of the hot press to a certain extent, so it is necessary to The press is cleaned regularly. Before cleaning the veneer hot press, the staff should prepare cleaning tools and turn off the power of the equipment at the same time. The hot pressing plate surface also needs to be cleaned, which will also prolong its service life. Check the oil filling part of the equipment in time to see if there is any oil leakage. Check the veneer  plywood hot press machine for any abnormality before production every day.

The veneer  plywood hot press machine is very good for temperature control in the actual application process, and its temperature sampling frequency can be obtained 0.1 seconds, which can meet the needs of each user.

The selection of suitable connection methods and sealing elements for the veneer  plywood hot press machine plays a very important role in the heat transfer under high temperature and high pressure. Most of the connecting pipes of the  plywood hot press machine plate are some hoses, and the connection of the hoses is very convenient. Most of the enterprises in our country are mainly metal hoses. Of course, some companies use imported Teflon hoses. Both of these two connection methods can use flanges. The fatigue resistance of Teflon hoses is higher than that of metal hoses. The gasket material traditionally uses asbestos rubber sheet, and some new materials such as PTFE, wound graphite, etc., have better sealing effect.

plywood hot press machine

The  plywood hot press machine is a very important part. In order to ensure the excellent use of the hot plate, the relevant application requirements still need to be followed. What are the specific aspects?

The  plywood hot press machine is a commonly used woodworking machinery. It is necessary to select the appropriate  plywood hot press machine according to the design requirements of the equipment. If it does not match the equipment, it will cause great wear and tear on the heat press, and there should be corresponding safety measures. Protective equipment, including protective covers, overload protection, power-off brakes, etc. When operating, it must be installed and used by professional operators, and other personnel should not touch it at will.




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